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Sugar free jelly is a good one, as are grapes.

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I ususally do a Green Day when I crave sweet stuff (usually TOTM), you could have 2 Alpen light bars as a HEB and have one in the morning and one in afternoon to make you feel as if you are having something naughty...ummm....Mullerlite yoghurts (they have new chocolate ones out and are free apart from the choc and cherry, not sure on that one as yet).


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Its most;y at work when I get really bad cravings, probably because i'm bored! Got an apple but its just not hitting the spot.


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Are you having enough to eat? I find after years , and I mean years! of cutting out breakfast that if I have a really substantial breakfast I survive to my lunch without getting hungry, then again a big lunch with lots of free food and then same again at tea. I lose more if I have alot to eat, if I try to cut back or cut out I don't lose and I'm hungry. After tea I can think I'm hungry, but obviously I can't be so I have diet tonic and that seems to do the trick.


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Have a meringue with lots of sweet fruit in it - the meringues are only a couple of syns each - and very sweet!