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started this week? need support?

Hiya Blondie, welcome and good luck with your journey. Is this your first time on lipotrim? You will get loads of encouragment and supprt from this site, so feel free to open up to us as we all do and remember nothing is a silly question.


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Hi Blondie, this is my first week too. I'm on Day 4 and my WI is on Sat. So far so good. This forum is great tho, there's loads of support and information. And its a great motivator hearing how much weight other people lost in their first week, really keepin me goin.
thanks! this is day two.. the strawberry is actually ok!!! have a headache thou!! but not hungry!!!!:eek:


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A headache is normal for the first few days. You should be fine after tomorrow. Good luck hun.


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Hey Blondie, Take a paracetamol if it gets bad and drink lots of water. *and think to yourself, it's working!* I think it Carbohydrate Withdrawal!! I had a headache in Day 1 & 2 but yesterday and today have been great. Not hunger, except in the evenings so I keep busy. In the process of an early 'spring' clean, taking it a room an evening - also keeps me away from the kitchen.
Well done for sticking with it.
quick question can u put salt in the soup?
OOh that sounds good because i really don't like the soup!
I'm getting weighed tomorrow so I'll double check about the pepper -my logic is no pepper cus its the same as that 'bite of pepper' that we are so vehemently warned against on the ultra modern dvd (laughs her socks off!) -tho like i say I'll check _ I haven't been brave enough to try the soup having discovered so many ppl disliking it. I'm 2 easily put off.
Good idea the soup is awful! Im going to swap mine i think and maybe try later on
the soup isnt too bad i think its the idea of having somethin hot! anyone tried the choc with hot water??


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
I did but I didn't like it, But I'm strange - I don't like the shakes with coffee!!! But I was probably mixing them wrong r something. I do like the soup tho, its nice to have something savoury.

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