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started today

Hey all,
I have history with cambridge and low carbing but managed to put nearly all the weight back on.
Ordered my xmas pack monday and it arrived yesterday so on my first day of exante.
had vanilla shake and a bar so far, the nutty one. Really nice actually. Just need to get the water down my neck and I am sure I can make it work.
Once I get into the swing of things I am sure I will be fine. Off to Canada in January skiing so could do with a stone or 2 dropping off before then
hello everyone!
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Hey its day 2. Yesterday went fine had mushroom soup last night and a little bit of roast chicken in there.
Got through 3 litres yesterday on water plus black coffee.
on the water today I have had 1 litre so far.
Hope you all have a fab day


Excited about the new me!
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Hi Clare

Am wondering myself whether to order the christmas pack. Did CD for a while, came off as went on hols, put almost all back on, so annoying. As we are approachng xmas, need a quick stone loss fix, so figure this may be the option.. just to get me back in that frame of mind. How are you finding the flavours?

Nikki x
the soup on exante seem to taste a bit better but having said that I have only had a thai chicken and a mushroom flavour. On the shakes the vanilla was nice, the chocolate was a bit strange I thought.
The bars are ok too - a bit like rice krispie bars. Flavours are toffee,nut and raisin or chocolate orange.
well its only short term so will just force myself to put up with it whether they taste good or not.
may have tomato and basil soup tonight.
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hiya peachy1982, Good luck hope all is going well so far!!! x
Day 3 today and stressy at work so could do with a nice sausage roll or a pasty but I will stop myself.
Had a vanilla shake so far and got a bar for lunch.
Was round a friends house last night and there were loads of nibbles and wine but I stuck to my guns and took a bottle of water which I drank all night.
hope to last this weekend


Excited about the new me!
S: 16st6.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 0st11.5lb(4.99%)
Keep up the good work Clare. I've decided to buy 2 weeks worth and see how that takes me.. I'll do the 3 packs a day, plus a small 250 low carb meal in the eve as thats the only way I can do a diet with the family really.

Let me know how you get on with your loss this week.

N x
weekend struggles

Weekends are so hard not eating. Yesterday had a small omelette no milk so really low carb and today some cabbage with salt and pepper just cause I really needed to eat something. The scales are looking good about 5 pounds in 5 days. Have decided if I really need to eat then best have some low carb rather than not eat and drive myself to a binge on carbs. So the weekend could have gone better but all round quite pleased. Weigh in Tuesday. Look forward to it
So I weighed in this morning at just under 15st 12 so that 7lbs in less than 7 days. So chuffed.
I have avoided the headaches and flu feeling - hoping they don't hit me this week.
I know that these diets work and really really need to get my willp[ower up.
I have been reading and having baths to pass the time as the weather has been so rubbish.
If it stays dry tonight then i'll venture outside for a walk.
How do other people keep busy?
I'll post a thread and see what happens.
keep on going clare - believe in yourself.
i'll keep reporting in
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Hi Peachy

I sell on Ebay and its a full time job, its so busy this time of the year I don't have much time, so I am normally stuck in front of the pc, and the time flies by, I love reading but don't have the time, so I joined the local libray and now listen to talking books while I work.
I make sure I am off pc by 9pm and then I have a bath and then watch tv for an hour then bed and I have my shake when I watch tv as I always feel hungry when I watch tv lol

Wednesday morning now,
Last night had some chicken and veg and was stuffed after half of it.
weighed in again this morning and the same as yesterday - thrilled i didn't put anything on by having a small meal.
tried to keep myself busy by reading a book but not sure what to do tonight. Again it rained so I couldn't go out for a walk, I know I could go out in the rain but I detest getting wet and it was really windy as well.
hoping for a strong day
Well its Saturday again and I am not struggling half as bad as last week. Went out with a friend last night and had a couple of drinks but i am straight back on the plan today. Doesn't seem to have done any damage on the scales but may cause them to go up tomorrow or something???? Oh well if it happens I will just keep on it till it goes. With Christmas and all coming up there is no way I can stay in all weekend every weekend so I need to make my diet work for me and that's it. I may sway the rules a little bit if it means I can still have a life instead of becoming a hermit then that's how it needs to be. I got so depressed on cambridge before and didn't go out for about 3 months it was horrible. Anyway hope the rest of the weekend is positive. Christmas shopping tomorrow and might treat myself to something nice.
Chow chow


Excited about the new me!
S: 16st6.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 0st11.5lb(4.99%)
You seem to be doing really well. Starting CD again tomorrow, mixed Exante with what I had left from CD for 2 days, and did loose 2lb, but went straight back to my normal habbits and its back on now. I feel I need a counsellor to WI each week with, so CD seems to be the only way for me for now at least anyway. Hope all goes well, will keep in touch. x
well after my night out friday that has officially stalled me.
don't let it get you down. keep positive. soon the weight will be leaving again.
thats what i keep telling myself anyway.
weighed in at 15st 10 so that 9lbs in 2 weeks. not bad with a night out
keep on going
well last night went ok, went down the pub and had a lime and soda.
On the scales this morning and down another lb.