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Started today

Started this morning!:D
Had coffee with double cream YUM (felt very naughty! after so many low fat diets) and a MIM with some butter. Am feeling very full now so that's promising.
Am about to start making lunch - chicken with leafy greens.
And we're having duck for dinner!
It's not really dieting is it? It's more like totally indulging!!!!!
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hellllllloooooo and welcome

its great on here, very friendly and best of all very helpful

got quite a good little group now:)


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Hello, I started yesterday and am loving it so far...what other diets would allow a fry up!!!:D
Hope your 1st week goes well:)
welcome to atkins....the diet, where you cheat every day lol
I felt really full all day...is that normal?
I didn't have half the amount of food I normally have and didn't even eat for no reason (which I normally do a lot :eek:), because I felt so full
Thats only one part of the joys of Atkins but don't worry if you also get hungry days too... I have days where I have to remember to eat & then days where I can eat for England... just listen to your body it knows what its doing. xx
Sounds good!
It's not something other diets recommend, is it? listening to your body. I've mostly been advised to ignore what it says when doing other diets, especially the hunger pangs.
Am ready for tomorrow - planning to have the cheeseburger pie for dinner YUM!!!
Still need to go and buy the L&P tomorrow, ran out last week.
Do you use the Atkins products? I can't decide whether it worth the money or not. they're quite pricey.


Call me Linzi...
I have used them but for me personally they tend to throw me of course, I have them as a treat every now & again but when I am using them I struggle more with my weight loss.

At the beginning of this month I put on 2 lbs for the first time since starting & that was due to too much processed foods, my official weigh in is tomorrow but a sneaky peek this morning I've lost nearly 6lbs & that is since cutting out the processed foods & making sure I don't over do my dairy allowance.

I don't see the harm in them for a treat but watch the affect that they may have on you. xx
Jeez Linz, that's some weight loss hun, well done you! xx What exactly do you call processed food? Can you list some to help me? :D
Caz, processed food is anything that's not in it's natural state.

Bacon, sausage, tins, bottles etc as opposed to steak, eggs, cabbage.