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  1. jamie 703

    jamie 703 Member

    I've just stated my lipotrim today... i'm halfway throw my first lumpy shake i'll have to buy a mixer lol.
    i don't know started weight or anything.
    the guy just took my £48 give me my 14 packets and that was it lol
    i'm going to book an appointment with my doctor tomorrow see what he says ;)

    1 hour later first shake gone :D now for 4 pints of water :DD
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  3. jamie 703

    jamie 703 Member

    chicken sucks

    i love the choc/strawberrie, I've just tried my first chicken and it's the worst thing I've ever tried in my life.
    i have 5 more to use this week...... fml any tips to make them nice? lol
  4. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    go to tesco and pick up the hubs which are tesco own herbs and spices, i like the mixed ones and add a couple shakes in :) tastes better. I have 4 more to use so i have them as my tea and in a bowl with a spoon makes me feel fuller and like I'm eating :)
  5. Sida

    Sida Member

    Hey, congrats on starting Lipotrim! Since you're looking for a blender I'm going to go ahead and recommend a Smoothie2Go. I got it for £20 from Argos and it's been the best thing ever with Lipotrim.

    If you're doing a shake simply put the water into the cup, throw your powder on top and let it blend for about 10 seconds. It gets lovely and frothy. I also use water from the fridge in a brita filter.

    I first tried the soup a couple of weeks ago when some were ordered by accident after being on shakes for 5 weeks, I tried putting hot water into a jug and mixing it with a spoon...omg I almost threw up. It was lumpy and horrible. Then I tried putting it into the blender cold like the shakes and warming it afterwards...way too frothy and was horrible. Then I decided to try putting it in that blender with cold water and instead of blending it for 10 seconds, using the manual pulse literally just about 4 times for 1 second each. Threw in some pepper, put it in the microwave for 6 minutes and well...this weekend I got home with my order of 2 weeks of chicken soup.

    I cannot recommend the Smoothie2Go enough for £20. Oh, and you blend it right in the cup so you can drink it straight out of it!

    Good luck on Lipotrim
  6. jamie 703

    jamie 703 Member

    Well today i went bk to guy and swap my 5 chicken for 2 vanilla 2 straw and 1 choc :) so i'm so happy i got rid them i was so sick after it.
    so far i'm on my 3.5 day be 4 after sleep in 3h.
    today i had 1 shake about 3 pm ( was not feeling hungry) now 2nd at 12:30 am lol, having to try drink it... not Hungary still :S
    I've not been hungry once :) so it's been very easy for me so far, the hardest bit was the no smoking that i'm doing at same time :S
    i'm sad that i never got weigh tho at start so won't know what i lost this week so will have check next week. i know first week is always high anyway so won't matter it's the weeks after that count i guess.

    i know why it's been easy tho... the last 6 months i been living on take away and fish shop food as I've been relay ill so could not do much else.
    so guess my body used to low carbs just no salt+ crap also

    thanks sida/alla i will try that. atm i use a knife and push the lumps at the edge of glass for 10 mins and keep swurling till lumps gone lol :S
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  7. jamie 703

    jamie 703 Member

    well the blender works good they are lot nicer :)
  8. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    I changed my chicken for chocolate today. I had the first one fine and the second one made me sick :(

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