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Started today

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by sandrat, 3 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    So I started today. I did lighter life a few years back and found it great but have let it creep back. Anyhow I've done day one so soon I'll be in the bliss of ketosis. I've had my gallbladder out since doing LL so hope that doesn't slow me down. Let's do this!
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  3. Hazel115

    Hazel115 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sandrat how are you getting on?

    Hope you don't mind me asking but did you have to have your gallbladder removed because of the vlcd you did before? I've heard a few people have trouble with it on these type of diets and to be honest it worries me a bit.

    Hazel x
  4. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    No one asked about vlcd when I had surgery but there is a family history. 2 uncles an aunt and my grandmother all had there's out. It is the most painful thing. Worse than labour. I actually had the pains while pregnant but they couldn't scan the gallbladder as I was almost full term and baby was in the way. Pregnancy can trigger it too.
  5. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    Weighed myself this morning and after 3 full days I have lost 6lbs. Think ketosis has kicked in too. Happy days!
  6. Hazel115

    Hazel115 Well-Known Member

    That's excellent Sandra, 6lbs in 3 days!

    I think I'm in ketosis although I still succumbed to a piece of cheese :-( just got to put it behind me and move on.

    I haven't weighed but may do tomorrow to try and keep me motivated...could go the other way if I haven't lost much though?!

  7. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    My daughter decided it was her teddy's birthday today's we had a party!

    I didn't touch a bit of it! Very proud. Taking kids on day out tomorrow so I'll be bringing a bar and vanilla shake so I can get a nice coffee to mix it with.

    Going to weigh again in the morning to see if I've improved on 6lbs! Trousers that were tight no longer are so that's a great feeling

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  8. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    Added wrong picture before! ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1402179501.765388.jpg
  9. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    Another sneaky weigh in. Morning of day 6 so I've done 5 full days. Lost 8lbs so far! Brings me to a new number! Hello 15s!!!
  10. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    Also gone from morbidly obese to just obese!!!
  11. Hazel115

    Hazel115 Well-Known Member

    That's brilliant Sandra!

    I had a sneaky weigh this morning too and I've also lost 8lbs in 5days. I've got another 9lbs to get into the 15s though can't wait.

  12. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    Woohoo way to go us!

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  13. susysu

    susysu Well-Known Member

    congratulations, your doing great. im about to start ts tomorrow. having the obligatory fill your face evening of food for the last time before i start. ive had so many last night of foods lol!
  14. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    I decided not to do a last supper this time. Cut down on carbs for a few days before starting and got zero ketosis headaches

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  15. Emilie

    Emilie Well-Known Member

    following your diary sandrat, keep up the good work!
  16. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    Woohoo I survived week 1 and down 9lbs, delighted with that! Makes my black coffee taste all the nicer this morning!
  17. Hazel115

    Hazel115 Well-Known Member

    Brilliant first week loss! Well done.

  18. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    Loving the shepherds pie so yummy

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  19. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    What a difference 2 weeks make!

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  20. Calabria

    Calabria Well-Known Member

    I'm loving your positivity Sandrat! It's infectious!
  21. sandrat

    sandrat Well-Known Member

    How can I not be positive about a stone in 2 weeks?

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