Started ww today from slimming world

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by amber26, 19 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. amber26

    amber26 Full Member

    I was wondering if you can check my plan for me


    Egg white 0 pts

    Mushrooms 0 pts

    Caludron veggie sausage 1 pts

    dairylea light triangle 0.5 pt not quite sure it its 1 pt

    2 Slices of ww bread 2 pts
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  3. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    cauldron sausages are 1.5 each, but otherwise you're good i think - dairylea lights are 0.5 :) :D x
  4. amber26

    amber26 Full Member

    Ok thats great thanks :D
  5. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    Goal Date: I don't care has long has i am getting lighter

    ^ just seen this in your info and just wanted to say i think its a good idea - too many people stress over reaching silly goals by a set date - very sensible of you to look at it in terms of improving yourself bit by bit rather than racing to it! x

    hope that makes sense :D
  6. amber26

    amber26 Full Member

    Thank you black widow that makes perfect sense i am really not fussed to be honest how long it takes every time i lose i am getting healthier and thats the way i see it too
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  7. katiexxx

    katiexxx Full Member

    Good luck!!

  8. bear1982

    bear1982 in the zone!

    Hi welcome to ww :D

    Good luck! You're breakkie looked yum :D

  9. bustybarmaid

    bustybarmaid Full Member

    Hi Amber, i am another one that has swopped over from SW. my main probem(apart from weekends!) is portion size, and of course that didn't count so much in SW, so am hoping that this will help me more. Have lost loads a long while ago on WW, sadly it all went back on!
    Best of luck
    Frankie x

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