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Started Xenical today

I sort of Know the Ins and outs as was on them briefly for a few weeks last year( until I fell pregnant) and have read about them through these forums.

Im Leanne ,24, Married to Jonny and have two beautiful children, Joshua 2.9months and Roselyn 7months.

The real me is a size 12 and happy but this awful thing thats took over my body is a size 18, weighs 17st 6.01llbs , which is 244.3 llbs or 110.08kgs.

My Goal weight is a size 12-14. Not too sure weight wise, perhaps a loss of 70 llbs ish would be fab !

So I would really like to here success stories , weight loss from Xenical/Orlistat , Handy Tips and what you all do for exercise, especially full time mothers
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Hiya Leanne.i cant inspire you as xen didnt work for me. but i still come on here as the girls are great..tbh i still watch what i eat and stick to xen rules and workout loads more than i use to but im at a stand still again with my weight.stuck at 12 stone 12...

but hi and welcome xx join our daily chat to get to know us all.x
your like me i had my girls close together.there is 13 months between mine.
Hiya Leanne...welcome to the journey to the new you :)
You have come to the right place for support and advice and I am sure you will do really well :)

I was on Alli for a month before starting Xenical and I have found my journey relatively easy...I walk my dogs and work out on my treadmill and I have also got dvd workouts......sometimes I use my wii and xbox kinect for a change in exercise.........and I also horse ride...my days are hectic but organised lol

First thing make sure you know how many calories to eat...a lot of us go on Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com we input our food and exercise and it lets us know how many calories to eat :)

The following link is for people in the UK prescribed Xenical you will need your batch number on the box to register http://www.mapassist.co.uk there is a lot of info on here and it explains most things

The following link is also very informative Xenical - Healthy Recipes

We stick to the 5g rule.....when you look at a packet and it says per 100g look at the fat content and don't go above 5g, its surprising what you can eat

Make sure you drink plenty of water, I have 3 meals (when I take xenical) and 2 snack times as this keeps the metabolism going...when eating snacks try not to eat anything with a high fat content I tend to have fruit or snack a jacks.....

I use a lot of recipes from the Alli diet plan book (some ingredients are over 5g but are small quantities so no side affects) (alli is same tablet but half the dose)

The Alli site also has recipes How healthy works | alli

Feel free to ask questions hun and goodluck :) x
thank you for all that fab information !!!
I have registered on that site for xenical and have put my batch number in ect...

Day 1 has been Ok, been healthy , not had anything above the 5g.

But one question , say I was getting a Boots SHapers Meal deal, a wrap, a drink and a Shapers pack of crisps. Do I count the 5g of fat as a total for the meal or separate ?

Hiya Leanne,

count it per item you have....and remember to stay 45g fat and under a day........
there are so many nice recipes already posted so take a nose.......
my fav breakfast is a beaten egg with chilli flakes soak 2 crumpets in mixture and dry fry...serve with grilled tomato and mushroom....sometimes i treat myself and have a rasher of bacon or turkey rasher with a squirt of maple syrup.......

I find having egg wether it be poached or dry fried for breakfast gives me a good amount of energy to start my day

I am so glad your 1st day went well good for you :) xx
That sounds yummy.

Well somedays I dont get time for breakfast because I have to rush out the house after getting both the children ready for nursery.

Like today I didnt have anything..

The reason why Im not too bothered is because If I eat at 8am, Im starving again by 10am. But If I dont... then I can last till lunch. Does anyone else find that ??

I know I should eat because it kicks start your metabolism but I do have 2 drinks.
its weird isnt it
I eat at 8am have a snack at 10 then lunch at 1 then snack at 3 eat dinner around 5-6...I am in bed for 9...my days are hectic with all the animals so everything has to be routined otherwise I stray :)

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