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Started Yesterday!!!

I have never been so big in all my life! Not going to weigh myself cos it will just scare me - I am going to do this for a month then see by my clothes and then weigh myself!

Yesterday I had the muesli bar for brekkie - nice ! The tomato soup for lunch - not so keen and then the veg curry for dinner -that was nice.

Today had the museli bar again and parsnip and chilli soup for lunch - and that was lush!

Look forward to getting to know you all and fighting the flab together!:D
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Fang Banger
Well done MrsB, how did you find it yesterday where you hungry?
Well done MrsB, how did you find it yesterday where you hungry?

I did not get that hungry to be honest - which is great I guess....I did drink lots,,,,,I can not drink loads of cold water but have been drinking low cal squash with hot water and it fills you up - can't stop peeing though!

My evening meal and snack totally bloated me...

How long have you been doing it for?


I found I was mega full too, yesterday was my first day! Fingers crossed it stays that way! I am supplementing the 1200kcal hamper to make it up to the 1509kcals my personal profile says. Stuggled to meet that yesterday! I don't want to do less as I would prefer to be able to drop my calories after the first month or so or if I hit a plateau! Well done to us for getting through a first day! Heres to the start of weight loss!


Fang Banger
Yesterday was my first day too, it went really well.

I didn't count my extra calories though which i need to start doing but, I had 2 slices of w/m bread with lunch (which was too much i was stuffed!) a banana, grapes, and cabbage and carrot with my Dinner.

I didn't feel hungry at all but I did have to resist the urge to eat something for the sake of it when i was bored/irritated but it was great to be able to stop and think 'no i'm not hungry i don't need to eat' when previously I'd eat rubbish constantly and be hungry all the time!


Well today is day 4 for me and yesterday I really stuggled to eat everything. I was feeling under the weather and didn't have any lunch so had a breakfast museli bar in the afternoon instead (very yummy!).

I had mushroom stroganoff for tea - lush! I have had my porridge so far today and going to have yummy soup for lunch. Going out for tea so planning on having grilled seabass with lemon on courgettes as I think that will be pretty low calorie.

I have done fine all week but worried about the weekend, my traditional scoffing time where I drink and eat lots!! Going to try and get out the house and go for a long walk at the weekend to help take my mind off food!!!
Day 5

Am beginning to get to grips with this diet now. And beginning not to think about food all the while!

This morning had a chocolate muesli bar which was quite nice! And for lunch had the chunky veg soup with a couple of kiwi fruit for my afters.

This evening is going to be a challenge as have some friends coming over for a few drinks and a curry! So going to have a couple of vodkas with diet lemonade and choose the lowest calorie curry option! :cry:

Not looking forward to the weekend either as we normally go out for lunch on Sat or Sun and all the family will be having chip type things and I will be doing an impression of a rabbit chomping on my lettuce leafs!

Never mind, will be worth it!

Perhaps we could share what meals we have found to be nice and not so nice?


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Hi there
The weekend is definately the most difficult!
I have decided to save some calories this week to allow me to have a few glasses of wine as i guess as long as the weekly calorie count is the same it won't matter if i have them in a different order ......will see what next week's weigh in says, as long as i lose 1lb a week i'll be happy!

Hope your weekends go well
Daisy x


So I managed to survive the weekend, had an epic diet fail on Friday night - ordered 'Grilled Seabass with a touch of lemon' and it turned out to be a lemon butter sauce! Gah!!! Then ordered a side of courgette and they turned up deep fried!! GAH! :(

On the plus side I did stick to it for the rest of the weekend and have not had a drink since last Tuesday - whoop! whoop! Looks like I have lost 3 pounds so far - hurrah for me! Feeling really pleased with myself this week.

Well I did terrible over the weekend. Friday night had some friends over for a drink and a curry! I decided to have a night off because I had been a saint all week. I had vodka and diet lemonades but loads of em! Then had a curry - but no rice just chappati....however the next day was so hung over that I relented and had loads of rubbish lol

However good news is despite all of that have managed to lose 4lbs! So today back to being good and have no events coming up that could jeaopardise my Diet Chef weight loss plan. In fact today met with some friends at Costa for a coffee and instead of my usual Latte and muffin had a black coffee and that was it! Woo hoo!


Well done for your saintly behaviour in Costa, I think next weekend will be a heavy one for me, it's my friends Birthday so have promised so have bought lots of champagne and will probably do the same as you and eat my way out of the probable hangover!

Well done for just getting back on it though! Sometimes it's sooo hard to do that! Hopefully your great result will spur you on to new diet success!!! :)

I feel very proud, we had muffins in work today and I didn't have one, did have three ryvita but thats okay as they just bump up my calorie intake to the recommended 1500 per day on my personal profile.

Also did a 5 mile walk yesterday so feeling very happy!


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well done on your weekends/losses

Costa and starbucks are real temptation! I had a skinny something or other 107 calories which i counted in as a treat.

I 'half' did it at the weekend, had a bottle of beer, a few jaffa cakes but did a 6 mile walk round Chatsworth, which was lovely.

back on track now its Monday tho, will see if there has been any damage done by the friday weigh-in, am hoping not, as its nice to have a bit of time off at the weekend if its balanced out with excercise.

daisy x


You are all doing so well! I'm only on my second day, I've declined the offer of going for a curry tonight which was hard haha
I work long shifts so get 5 days off every set of shifts I do so its being at home that I have problems with picking etc but I am going to do the diet this time and get my bum in those size 12 jeans!