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I put this on strugglers but no response so ill try here.

Ive started my diet today - decided to join this forum to see if it helps, hopefully keep me focused, hopefully get support from other members and ill do the same.

Im a 23 year old man. I was always thin when i was young, until I was about 15. I started to overeat and went up to about 14 stone. I then went on a diet and got down to about 13 stone. I stayed 13 stone for a long time but gradually my weight increased and the heaviest I ever got to was 17 stone at 21 years old. I went on a diet straight away and got down to 15 1/2 stone. For the last year or so I have been 15 1/2 stone give or take 7lb - I keep going up and down from 15 to 16 stone averaging 15 1/2.

I am a binge eater - once I start I eat until I cant eat anymore - usually fast food, sweets and coca cola.:cry:

The diet I have come up with is:

1.Everyday (except Saturday) eat about 1000cal - 3 points

2. Do 1/2 Treadmill or walk: Monday - Friday - 1 point

3. Everyday No Fast Food, Fried Food, Sweets or Fizzy Minerals (except Saturday) - 1 point

The main thing is to stick to number 1.

I come up with this points system because I think this will work for me - There is a possible 29 points per week.

I will take Saturday as a day off. I will also get weighed on Saturday mornings. I wont overeat all day Saturday but I will have a treat Saturday night, which for me is about 3000 - 3500 calories.

I drink a few cups of coffee everyday too - usually 3 - 6 cups with milk and 1 sugar, i find it helps - only 50cal/cup and it gives you energy and stops you eating as much apparently

I also drink lots of 'dilute' orange or blackcurrant juice as it has next to no calories so you can drink as much as you want - and it makes sure you are properly hydrated - a lot of the time apparently when you think you are hungry, you are actually just thirsty :eek:

I really hope I can follow this through and get into shape, then the next problem will be staying that way.:)

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1000 cals is to low. i moved my cals from 1500 to 1200... i had a great loss the first week 3lbs (good when healthy loss is 1-2lbs) the second week however i went to the gym 3 x lifted weight 3 x and walked 10miles and ate 1200, i only lost 1/2 pound. my body was in starvation mode as will your be.

1500 will be a better aim. i am on caloriecount.com and log eveything i eat. i've been on diet for 3 month now and lost nearly 2 1/2 stone. slow and steady is the best way to do it. also on this i have eaten what i wanted to n extent. i have had choc every day.

i used to binge, but looking at my cal allowance and knowin i can still have choc really works for me, i take my time with the 1 choc and really enjoy rather than having 10bars and feeling crap after.

good luck, i no where ur coming from, i to binge all the time.
Hi Cactus and welcome to minimins :)

You sound full of determination which is great. However, I believe that 1000 cals a day is WAY too low for you, especially as a man. Your body may well think it's being starved and hang onto the weight in desperation of not knowing where the next meal is coming from.

There's a website where you can input all your details (height, weight etc) and it gives you a recommendation of how many cals to eat. I'll try and find it and post it for you....... :)


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good point - maybe the famine response will kick in with only 1000 cal. I will check out caloriecount

however you mentioned you did a lot of weights - maybe you were turning a % of fat to muscle, which actually weighs more - i want to lose overall body weight -
also you say about juce, just check the label. i had robbinsons for 2 glasses it 56 cal. thats 224 for 8 glasses. whch works out an awful lot of cals when u trying to lower ur cal intake.

just remebered your male, so 1500 would still probs be to low for you so i'd do what masiemoodle has suggested. good luck!


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shazza87 i just checked - it says its 20 cal for 500ml diluted - i would drink about 3 - 5 500ml/day - so i think its probably 100 cal or less/day


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got my BMI:

BMI Calculator

Based upon your current Body Mass Index (BMI) of 31.1, you are currently classed as moderately overweight.

A healthy BMI for your gender and age is between 18.5 and 24.9 and a reasonable weight loss rate is 0.5-2 pounds a week. :(
I have decided that the Saturday 'treat' of 3000-3500cal is too much - the bodys starvation mode could kick in and it could pile as much fat on as possible. On Saturday I will eat 500cal during the day and the 'treat' will be about 1000cal.

I have decided I will keep the calorie intake at 1000/day for now and see how things go. Im out of work at the moment and not very active.

Youcould also use candarel in your coffee to save the cals on sugar and I would use sugar free juice as well, better for your teeth as well as diet!

Also I have to agree 1000 cals is really low for a man. I struggled on 1200 a day with slimfast. Just be careful if you are exercising. Good luck and keep us posted .
Hello and welcome along :)

Just want to wish you well for whatever path you take in losing weight. Everyone has given you good advice and suggestions.
I'm losing weight just by changing my eating habits..bad habits!!!! I no longer fry anything and I've changed to low cal and fat free versions of a range of foods and drinks, I eat mostly white meat, but have a little red now and then, lots of fruit and veg :) No alcohol or takeaways either :cry:...I've got to be strict, especially in the early days/weeks to get motivated and stay on track.
Some people do reward themselves at weekends though, as long as you are being sensible about it, you should be fine!
For exercise I walk every day, if possible and am counting the days until I get onto my new exercise bike without possibly breaking it! while you are not working and the weather is picking up, You might consider walking?... something as simple as a long walk is as good an exercise as anything else until you move onto something else!!!!
I've experienced the horror and disappointment of not losing any weight on a previous diet because my body did react to starvation mode, so what the others have told you is so true!!! :eek:
Good luck, have a great day, stay focused and I look forward to chatting with you more :)
Thank you rainbow rose and size 16 - i am changing the types of foods i am eating too - no fried food etc.. at the start i am going to try around 1000cal/day and see how it goes - if i am not losing anything i will know my body is storing all the fat it can get hold of thinking its going into hibernation or something :) but i really want to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible - one reason is because in june/july i should be back at work again (they let us go for a few months when things quiet) :( and i would like to have lost weight before it starts
Hi Cactus!

Well, I know all about binge eating - I have done it for years on and off and know how you feel. It's not just the eating is it? it's the anger and disappointment with yourself for not resisting.

You sound really determined and only YOU can get yourself on track. I think your diet sounds a bit too strict personally and I think you should up your allowance by 500 cals at least (tho I'm not a nutritionist by any means). You may feel deprived if not and the junk food will be yelling at you!

So, I hope you can overcome the binging, I'm doing quite well so far only 2 binges in 4 weeks (normally it was almost 100%). Let us know how you go :)


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