starting 2marro excited and scared


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hello everyone,

My name is Ali i will be starting CD 2marro i need to lose 3st. i did LT last yr but gave up after 4 weeks as i could not drink same old choc flavourshakes every day, here i am agian but this time i promised myself i will be seeing this diet thro and lose all my weight i will be needing alot of support i am hoping i will get it from this forum.

I am excited about losing the weight, but at the same time i am scared as i have been reading some posts on here where ppl have lost weight and regained it, i am so scared as i now think i will regain as soon as i eat, without being rude i would like to ask sum1 who has regained, did they go back to the old eating habbits or did they do maintinance and still regained?.

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Welcome Ali - I am doing LT for the past week now (weigh in Sat) and hope to shift this weight by June. It is exciting and scary - the weight loss is phenomenal if you follow it .. Days 1-4 are really tough, but once you hit ketosis it gets easier!!

You can do it this time ... have faith

Afraid I can't answer your regain question as this is my first time, but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to answer that question ..


Hi hun and welcome...of course you will get support and oodles of it on here...lets say i couldnt do the diet without it..well i could but i wouldnt want to!:rolleyes:

Ok Im a serial restarter and although ive never done more than a stones worth of damage by re-eating I have gone back to old must remember that about 7lbs of what is regained by going back to old EVIL the glycogen store that is lost so quickly in the first week.:rolleyes:

Find Demon's thread, she lost over 6 stone and lost whilst maintaining if you know what i mean..she's an inspiration and has will of iron. WILL POWER is defo the key to success on this kind of a on the prize also!;)

Much love and luck
Onwards and downwards eh?:)
Hi Ali, i am (re-)starting the diet tomorrow aswell.

i started originally last april, and lost 1 stone in 1 month, i had an occasion i wanted to loose weight for, and once this passed i just stopped the CD. i put back on 1 stone by december but with my weigh in today its nearly two stone (1 stone over my start weight last time!! :(

i stupidly thought i could control my bad eating habbits on my own without going through mantinance and continueto loose weight. it DOESNT WORK.

i have spoken woth my CDC today who has said that without maintanence the weight will go back on very easily and quickly.

this time i am more focussed and i will follow through the course.


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awwwww thankyou you guys for replying so quick i am sure i will get help and support from you guys.
i will be here every eve while my family are having there dinner as that will be the worst bit for me i will miss sitting with them oh and the other worst bit will be cooking i think thats will just be killer.:( :confused:

thanks agina for ur replies



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good luck on starting 2marro This is THe One, i am sure your gona do it this time, its good to have sum1 starting the same time as we can sit here and moan about how we feel.

How much do u need to lose?


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lol thats funni cuz i have been trying to work that one out for past hr or so, also how do you get the glittery text.



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When your at the weight tracker site you copy the bb code wich is what works on MiniMins.

When you get back here you click on User CP which is on the top left hand side of the blue tool bar at the top of each page.

When you click on it you will a list of command on the left hand side and if you click on edit signature then paste your bb code into the signature box and you can preview it first to see it and then save signature it should be there...

Here is a linke to read some more...

Love Mini xxx


hey welcome and well done i did LL in the beging but hated the FAKE councling sessions they were so boring and unhelpful..........
stick with this and you will loose huny

good luck

kim x
i have re-started the diet today, (horay!!) but my CDC advised to do 1 week on preporation? im doing the 790 cal, 3 shakes and meat and veg for tea. has anyone else tried this before? does it help, last time i suffered with realy bad headaches and dizzyness (more than usuall!!) and this is why she suggested starting here for 1 week.

any help appreciated :)


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hello everyone,

day one is over thank god, i have been feeling hungrey, moody ,have had realy bad head ache, and feeling weak but other than that fine lol,

This-The-one hope day 1 went well for u, Good luck for 2marro.



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I got really bad headaches as well in the first couple of days so i upped the water intake the next day and no more.

Might be worth a try:)