Starting again, and again, and again


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Well I dont know if anyone remembers me from few months ago, well i was doing well then we moved house!!!
daughter moved school, all hell broke loose!!
So basically my mind has been soooo minced up i cant get my head round things.
Just cant seem to get back on the diet thing, i even joined a gym, then things kicked off with daughter, shes 13, and had awful time with new school and just couldnt put my mind into the gym!!!

I just ant seem to conentrate on even getting my diet back, like my brains blocked atm!!!
But ive put on sooo much weight, please can anyone give words of wisdom :(
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victoria sponge

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hello,sounds like your going through a right nightmare at the mo..and im sorry to hear about just trying to cut back on the things youve been eating and ease yourself back into the eating plan,introducing a and b boxes then gradually having red and green days again..but whatever you decide we re all here to welcome you back with open arms when your good and ready xx


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Hi... welcome back and VS gave you some great advice there... we all know how hard it is so we are here to support you and everyone who is doing this eating regime.

Get yourself to the gym if you can.. this will give you confidence and hopefully spur you on... and remember what goes on can come off... so you can do it Gabby!


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Sorry to hear about your daughter. I moved house a couple of years ago and my daughter went from being "the darling" of the school she was at (her teacher loved her and she was a member of the school council) to being in a bigger school with a male teacher who just didn't get her at all. He really knocked her confidence and it knocked her for 6. So I know that when our children are unhappy, it makes us unhappy too and the one thing that gives us some comfort is food. Its one of the only constant things in our life!

I agree with VS that try to cut back on the bad things and ease yourself in gently. Good luck and I hope your daughter settles in soon.


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S: 16st2lb G: 12st0lb
Thanks for your kind words.
Think I will try and ease myself in on green days
It seems easier to have stuff at the ready like
pasta and sauce or noodles.
Think I will have to restart my food diary again on here
It does help, as for the gym im not sure, I got put off
by too many people in there, my oh said we should get
a multigym at home, which i think is a good idea.
And if i have probs with my daughter i can be at home
where as normal i just skip going to the gym.

victoria sponge

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hello gabby how are you honey??i to think green days are easier as you can bung some pasta on,potatoes in the oven,savoury rices,i always make note of what i eat,at least then you can keep an eye on things..i wish you all the luck and we re not very far away if you need anything love and hugs xx


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hey - sorry to hear your pobs, but good on you for acknowledging the need to get back to it x