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Starting (again!) and would like some support!


I found this website by accident last night, but am so glad I did! Every one seems realy friendly :)

I went to Alton Towers at the weekend, and I had to leave one of the rides due to my size. I felt pretty uncomfortable on most of the rides anyway, but clearly the restraint was never going to get over me! It was mainly to do with my chest size, as I am an F - more like an FF if I'm honest, but still, it was very embarrasing and I need to do something about it!

I have just started seeing someone too and so would like to gain some more confidence, and Summer is coming up, so maybe the Alton Towers incident was a good kick up the backside!

So, I'm hoping to keep a diary on here, as a way of motivating myself, and hopefully having some support too!

I have just been to the shops to get a lot of new, healthy food, and so I feel like I am in the right mind now!

I'll be trying to find my way around the site, and will try to add some sort of signature with my stats soon!

Sarah x
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Hi Sarah
well done on finding minis and making your first post

you are right everyone is really friendly on here

keep posting to get the privileges to do a siggy post personal messages and do an avatar - etc

really hope your journey is a smooth one with not too many scenic detours :):)

H xx
Thanks for the reply!

It is so scary seeing it all on paper but I feel realy determined at the moment.

I am a student, and so have very little money. I have bought some food but really struggle to think of decent things to take to college with me.

My plan at the moment is to have a yoghurt in the morning and a banana on my way to college so that I don't get too hungry!

Then I have either cousous with dried apricots and ham for lunch, or salad and pitta bread with low fat guacamole. I think dinner will mainly be jacket potatoes - with tuna or spaghetti.

My main problem is snacking so I will try to be in control of this!

I can't afford the gym or swimming pool, but I live near the beach so will be making the most of this. I have set up a dance playlist so will try to dance and do exercises in my room. I have a Wii Fit but it is in the lounge so only feel comfortable doing this when no-one else is around!
Oh living near the beach I am so jealous - and so would my dogs be they love a wander along the beach

well for lunches get yourself a food flask and take home made soups
research was done that shows soup keeps you fuller for longer
and a nice veggie soup is low in cals too -
I also make a slimming world type quiche
I mix eggs with a tub of low fat cottage cheese and I mix that through some veggies (latest faves are asparagus with mushroom and leek)
then just shove it in the over and you have a crustless quiche - great with salad and even chips :):)
Well I have an easter egg
but I dont want the chocolate I just love the mug - got one for my daughter and wanted one for me too so dh put it in the trolley
hopefully the egg will be eaten by others :):)
but who knows
H xx

I am off to bed shortly - good luck tomorrow :)
I know how you feel about not fitting on a ride at Alton Towers. I had that when I went there and I felt so stupid for some reason that i'd let myself get this big. That was a turning point for me.

Hope you find the posts on here really great, It definately inspires me to not eat bad things and go off plan. I hope it does the same for you

Good luck xx

Today I had:

Breakfast: Low fat yoghurt (130 kcal) and banana (110 kcal)

Lunch: Pitta bread (150kcal), guacamole (70kcal), 10 cherry tomatoes (44kcal) and an apple (50kcal)

Dinner: Couscous (180kcal), salad cheese (37kcal) and some ham (30kcal)

Snack: Gingerbread rabbit (guessing about 200kcal - being generous in case!) and a WW bar (78kcal)

So, that is a total of only 1079 kcal!

I think I should probably eat some more, as I am sure that is too few calories to have?

Any thoughts?!
yes it is too few - the odd day like that wont hurt but it wont do you any good to have to many of them
you could always have a milky coffee if you want to up the calories
Well so far I have eaten the same today - a bit hungry but I expect I will get used to it!

I did a 50 minute exercise video last night too which was good, so will try to do that a few times a week.

It was a hard day as creme eggs were being handed out for free, as well as lots of people sharing eggs - but I managed to resist and was very proud!

Hope you are having a gd day
I know what you mean about the chocolate - my friend came into work yesterday with some thorntons chocolates for me - I opened them sniffed them but truly didnt fancy them - not like me at all
so they are here at home still unstarted :):)

I go to the gym three times a week
tomorrow I am off to the salon to have my hair cut - how much do you think I will loose :):):)
Oh that would be brilliant if hair cuts counted!

I have just had dinner, after doing an hour of exercise, and am only on about 1100 calories... I don't know if I should leave it at that, or have something to boost it. I don't want to eat more than I need to, but want to do it properly and don't want eating to little to affect it! Not sure if that makes sense...!

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