starting again.. but for the final time!


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I'm rejoining group after New Year for the 100th but final time.. I've never felt this positive before I am really determined to stick to it and make it work... I will be slim for my 2 week cruise in the summer!! Looking forward to getting lots of inspiration and tips from here, been reading posts and stalking people's before and after photos for a while so I know Slimming World definately works.

So I'm new (ish) and welcome any tips, advice etc to help me once I join! Anyone with a similar amount to lose (I'm guessing 8 stones ish!) who wants to keep each other on track just say hello :)

Good luck everyone :)
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Go for it!!!!! Make 2012 ur year x

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Hi holiday-dieter,
I am going back on plan next week after being off the rails for the past 4 months.
10 year wedding anniversary is this year and I want to look fantastic for it.
Want to loose about 3 stone , will be following mainly green with a few red thrown in (usually at weekends).
Best of lyck - 2012 will be our year!! What plan will you be following?