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Starting again Today.......need support.

well ive done this before and lost a stone, so i know i can do it again, i just need the willpower.
Lately i have fell of track very badly due to stress and anxiety, and have gained a few of those pounds i lost, and i just feel very fat, and very frumpy.

So here goes to a new life of healthy eating and exercise.

My diet will be as follows:

1200 Calories per day 75grams of good carbs per day.
This diet follows the calorie counting principles along with the diabetic diet rules (exchanges).

when i previously done this i lost 14lbs (1 stone) in 6weeks and i felt and looked great, and i need to get there again and lose more.
im starting at : 157lbs
target weight for 21.12.08: 140lbs
target weight for 24.05.08: 126lbs

wish me luck, and please give me the support i need. my will power sucks without u guys. xxxx
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Good Luck! You sound focussed and organised, very important to be both!

Your goals are also realistic and sensible. I am sure you can do this.

Good luck Dani! And well done on your previous stone - fab! I have a stone to lose too, so I will keep an eye on your progress, you will probably inspire me if your stone in 6 weeks last time is anything to go by!! :scale:
Hi Dani, I'll send good vibes to you if you do the same for me! Your plan is realistic and if you've done it before you know you can do it again - any time you need support just ask x
well......my first week over, and it was disaster.

i have all healthy ingrediants and foods in my house, and my breakfasts and lunches have been super healthy, but when it comes to tea time, my and my fiance are eating out most nights. this is due to us opening a cafe soon, and working 6am to 6pm everyday sorting stuff out, so come 6pm, were both very very tired, and want to eat out.

its soooo hard trying to get out of this routine, as were just so tired, and have no motivation to cook.

anybody got any ideas??? i need help, ive actually gained like 3lbs this week. Gutted.

xxxxxxx :( :( :(
Hi Dani. Don't beat yourself up about it. We all have good and bad days. Is there anyway you could prevent having the take aways in the evening? Do you like jacket potatoes? If so do some in the mircowave. Takes about 6-7 mins add some beans either mash in the extra light laughing cow (20 cals) or a tiny sprinkle of cheese and add with a salad with balsamic viniger. Failing that. Beat two eggs as they are add any veg like peppers etc shove in microwave stuff in pitta bread serve with salad takes like 5 mins to do the whole of that.

Hi Dani. Oh that's a shame. But it's not easy when life is hectic is it?
I think it's just a case of being tough with yourself, and not eating out. Have a large lunch and then you can just prepare something quick and easy for dinner, beans or toast or something equally as easy! I am surprised that I have managed to stick to my plan during the week, as we love cooking and am always tempted to give in to a curry, but I plan the weeks meals out and only buy the necessary food. This helps me as I can only follow things if they are set out like that! Maybe you could think of some easy to prepare dinners, possibly even do some cooking at the weekend and throw a load of things in the freezer ready for the week?

Good luck, whatever you decide to do. Just keep strong, as you have already proved you can do it. You're just having a small glitch :D



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Oh and last night I couldn't be bothered to cook so I just had two shredded wheat for dinner.
I regularly eat cereal if I can't be bothered to cook, or have nothing nice in?
hey dani, let us know how ur getting on, are u still being 'good' during the day.
sometimes i eat rubbish in evening, and if i put on, well imagin how much i wud have put on if i had been eating naughty food all day and nite!

so i hope u carried on with healthy breaky and lunch
yeah im generally really really good when it comes to breakfast and lunch, even snacks, but i get the binge at night time, and the weekend.............soooo ive decided im going to go on a two week strictly no Starchy carb diet to get rid of my cravings, it really works, but you have to be seriously strict for those 2weeks.

how are you all getting on?
sounds intersting, i need to kick start myself... im eating fewer calories however am not loosing weight, i could further reduce cal intake i guess, but what is safe, and so i wont feel hungry?

i am eating 1600 as recommended by food focus, this worked really well b4 my holiday binge, but now its sticking as is... any ideas...

actually ill post this as a new thread also...

but keep in touch
i find i lose more weight by calorie counting and cutting down on my starchy carbs.

might work for you too........heres my advice:

eat up to 1300 calories a day
reduce your carbohydrate intake to 75grams per day.
i tend to us what i call exchanges for my carb counting. each exchange is worth 15grams carbs, i allow myself 5 a day.
*2 for breakfast
*2 for lunch
*1 for dinner. (sometimes i alternate dinner and lunch exchanges)

my carbs are also Good Carbs, ie granary bread, brown rice, wholewheat pasta, beans etc.

alot of people dont realise just how much starchy,sugary carbs they are eating, and when they go on a low carb/calorie counting diet, they realise just how much sugar they were intaking before (loads).
i have learnt all this from my sister in law who is diabetic, she eats alot, and very regulary, but because her carbohydrate and sugar intake are controlled she is very toned and slim.

its all about keeping it controlled. also..make sure you eat a variety of different food everyday oth.erwise you will get bored easily.

hope ive helped alittle bit. xx

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