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Starting again with Lipotrim

About 2 yrs ago I lost 65lbs doing the Lipotrim diet.

I didn't reach my goal weight but I was close to it and felt amazing.

I loved my new found confidence, my new clothes, the freedom I had to go clothes shopping again.

Most of all I loved the HAPPINESS I felt everyday, it was good to be alive.

Alas I gained all the weight back, slowly, I didnt even know I was gaining till it was too late.

I kind of got stuck in a rut, I knew I had to do the diet again but I just couldn't face Lipotrim again, it was sooo difficult the first time round.

But today was my first day and I am really in the diet "zone" , feeling motivated and strong.

I have a lot to lose but my goal now is to lose 60 lbs before 21 May 2011, its my neice's wedding. I hope this is an attainable goal, I am sure it is :confused::confused:

Hope to make new friends here and get/give encouragement and support to anyone that needs it xxx :):)
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Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
God I feel for you, working so hard and then putting it all back on again. That's my biggest fear for when I finish. You don't say what weight you're starting from so I'm not sure at what rate you think you'll lose your weight but do you think you're being a bit optimistic aiming to lose 60lbs i.e. 4st 4lbs in what is effectively 2 months 3 weeks? I wouldn't put that sort of pressure on yourself because if it looks like you're not going to achieve it you could get demotivated. You should do close to 50lbs though which will still be a huge difference and I'm sure you'll look great at the wedding. Good luck with it all.
Hi Cate,

Think I'm going a bit loopy, probably cos its my first day on the diet.

I didn't mean to put 60 lbs, I meant 30 lbs by May 21st

60 lbs by Sept for my holidays!!


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
You will do great. I am restarting today aswell, keep up to date, and come on here everyday!

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
Hi Cate,
Think I'm going a bit loopy, probably cos its my first day on the diet.
I didn't mean to put 60 lbs, I meant 30 lbs by May 21st
60 lbs by Sept for my holidays!!
LOL. That makes more sense. You should do 30lbs easily and possibly more than 40lbs. Good luck.
Thanks Cate, 40lb would be fab, imagine me at the wedding with 40 less of me!!! Oh I get too excited about it all lol

Hi Fatgirlslim, love the name lol, it's great to be starting this journey together.

I will come to the forum daily because I think it helps to be in touch with people going through the same things.

Today I feel great, tho I did go to bed last night a little hungry, it didn't bother me too much because I was so sleepy.

Hope you are all having a great lipo/diet day.

Speak later, I am going to get a ticker thing lol
hi have any of you tried exante?? same as lt but more flavours you can also add meals high protein low carb or snack just of protein and you will still be in ketotis xxx


Full Member
Ive heard of exante but dont know anyone that has done it..... it seems easier to get and there are more flavours too so seems a good idea.
I only have 2 weeks of LT left but when i go back to the uk next time i might get some exante :)


Gold Member
I used the products through most of the time that I was also using LT cos I wanted soup that was actually drinkable and the same for the bars! I still use them from time to time now. You should get similar results to LT but the tfr adds up to 600 rather than 450 calories daily, not enough to make any noticeable difference to weight loss.

IMHO if I was to do a tfr again I'd plump (!) for Exante cos they offer so much more variety and they're cheaper......not so good if you need the support of a pharmacy and can't trust yourself to stick to the diet without going to be weighed. I only got weighed 3 times at the pharmacy in all the 11 weeks that I did tfr, she happily gave me a few weeks at a time as I was back and forward to France and also found it difficult to drive.

I think that one of the reasons that people find LT so bloody hard is that it really is incredibly boring! I only like the vanilla and choc shakes and ok so you can add coffee and mint tea but that still only provides a couple more options......plus I found that I was particularly cold, even back in September, and the Exante soups were lovely, hot and really filling. The bars are quite big and very chewy, you can pop one in your bag so they're really convenient and no-one need know that they're a tfr product unless you tell them!

Hope this helps?

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