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Starting Again!

I rejoined SW about 8 weeks ago after having my baby. I originally joined SW to lose weight so that we could have IVF help - well, after losing 3 stone with SW we got pregnant naturally.:cool:

Anyway, im now back after having my baby and im really struggling to keep at it. I dont have that motivation I did before and even though I had a good first 4 weeks (lost 1st 1lb) I have since put almost half of it back on again over the last 3 weeks or so. :break_diet:

I just cant seem to get back into it, and now after putting 5lb on last week, and definately putting on again this week im scared to go back to class. :break_diet:

I know I need to go back otherwise I will never do this, but im so embarassed and worried about going on Wednesday. What should I do folks? Should I leave it a week or just bite the bullet? Help please! :cry:
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If you dont go back.. what will you do? sit at home and know youv gained- unaware of exactly how much with no-one like minded to chat too and gain support from?

go, bite the bullet- be brave and honest and dont be afriad to say 'im struggeling and i cant get my head in gear'
every slimming member has been there- and if they are at class to give you help its because they did somthing to keep themselves going and are able to help you now.

Its tough, and for you it may be embarressing- but all people will feel towards you is the need to help and get you back on track.

Youl be fine.

congrats on your weight loss also..

:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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am only new to this site, but I have been doing s.w for well over a year now and I am like yourself I just dont have the motivation anymore,

but i honestly can say that u have come so far dont throw it all away, just treat tomorrow as a new day and start again

you can do it :)
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Congrats on the baby and in taking the first step back to SW.....only my thoughts but bite the bullet and go back to the class... keep trying and don't give up, you know it works ... it did before.. talk to the consultant..thats what she is there for and if she doesn't know how you feel she can't help you.

Good luck and let us know how you get on
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If you feel very embarrassed about returning, ring the consultant first and explain. That way she'll be extra sensitive and you won't be facing her "cold" as it were with a weight gain.

But whatever you do, do go back. Otherwise its a slippery slope.

I would also have a serious think about what you want. I'm not saying you don't want to lose weight, but your primary goal, to have a baby, has been achieved. Is this why you're struggling? Or perhaps because you have so many conflicting priorities? Also, sometimes I really struggle after I've lost a bit and feel better about myself. The motivation to slim dims ever so slightly. So how much do you really want this? Enough to phone your consultant?

Good luck. And congratulations on the baby :)
Thanks folks I appreciate the support. I have decided to go back on Wednesday. I have texted my consultant so already feel a little better about going back. I will see her and ask her to miss me out during Image Therapy if im still feeling a little fragile.

I have been shopping today and bought loads of different free foods that I wouldnt have bothered with before so hopefully this will give me a boost.
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Hi Firfenwen

I have also gained like you. My birthday was on 21 July so I didn't attend class (my class is on Wednesday). Went last week and had a gain of 3.5lbs. I'm going to class this evening and I know I've gained again as my knickers are rolling down under my belly. :)

I'm still at work and am planning my menu for next week as I have to get my a**e in gear, because I'm wasting money by going to class each week and being told that I've gained weight.

I've gained because I've been socialising a lot lately, but enough is enough and I now have to focus.

Good luck with your weigh-in and don't let this little hiccup (weight gain) prevent you from achieving your goal.



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Congratulations on your baby!

I agree with the others - you should go back, I'm sure yiour consultant will be extra gentle! I think everyone has periods where they flatten out or gain and can't get motivated again. Maybe if you think about what motivated you first time and try to find something equally as powerful to motivate you this time?


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How was it? I hope it wasnt as bad as you thought it was going to be? You need a new slimming mission! Before you needed to slim for IVF, now you need to slim for all the running around you are going to do. My little one is now two and a half and I have no idea where the time went. My word she is quick! Im re-starting my weight loss journey yet again so that Im healthy for her and if I am lucky enough to have Number 2 (have suspected PCOS but lost 3 stone like you and got pg naturally) then I will need to be in tip top shape for chasing two of them!
Change your focus and remember the old saying "Happy mum=happy baby" Enjoy baba.

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