starting again


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Hi hun yes I think you can but the loss wont be as quick!


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The way i always look at it is, if it means you'll stick to it then do it. It's not a long as the weight's coming off then that's the important thing. ;)

Good luck with whatever you decide. :)


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It is important to have all 3 shakes though as they contain all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, you won't get the full quota on 2 shakes and chicken. Once ketosis kicks in you will fly along :)


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Good luck with whatever you decide!!! Caz xx


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yes ofcourse you will loose weight, think about it, there is minimal calories in shakes therefore you are saving all the calories you would be eating if you were having anything else. Also low carb for tea will make all the difference, you will loose alot of weight but the dramitic 8-10 lbs you loose on week one that is water may not happen as the food you eat in the eveing time will soak up alot of water and therefore you will not be loosing that weight in water...

Ive started again today, my third attempt in the last month but im gonna stick to the full programme for the week to get a bulk amount off and then see what i feel like doing next week. Please god i will stick to it.

Alot of good can be done between now and Xmas