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starting again

hello all

I hope some of you can remember me i first started sw on 7th jan this year and started posting hear not long after.
Well after 2 weeks of STS i give up and just started eating like i did before,
must say enjoyed if for a bit not worrying about food and eating when i wonted as much as i like as what i like not good :(.

now i can feel i have put on and i dont wont to get back to where i was in jan so starting again tomoz, will do wi in morning see just how much i have let go and try again with sw. only thing is i am at home now untill i start my new job which looks like will be end of may :eek:. has got to wait for CRB to come back.(working with children)
and being at home is hell for me i get fed up and eat. this will be hard but will post on hear will help.
started trying to think of things i can do to keep busy at home any ideas? at mo kids still of but come monday its just me alone need a hobbie i think haha
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Welcome home!!!!
Can you not just get out window shopping, library, etc?
It is awful when you're home all day, so I buy a weekly bus ticket and take trips to different shops, visit rellies, or just meander round the city!


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Welcome back to SW! I love my days at home with the kids but I do find them harder diet wise - there is so much more time and temptation to eat! I think the best thing to do is get out the house and get some exercise - not that I'm good at doing this myself!
Good luck!
Welcome back :) It's great that you're getting back on it. If you're off then why don't you focus your time off on exercuse whilst the kids are at school. The gym, walks, bike rides, swimming, etc, you'll have no time for junk and as you start to feel a difference in yourself you won't want to binge!

K xx
morning all

thank you for your ideas, i think ill try the swimming and bike ride. that should keep me away from temptation i hope.
well did wi this morning and put on 2lb which i feel ok about has not has bad has thinking it would be.
so today new start and going to start with a green day. wish me luck :eek: but my mind is set so should be ok haha i hope.

ps welcome to all the new guys :grouphugg:
I'm at home at the moment for 4 weeks before I go to my new job - I think it's great! I know what you mean about easily eating all the time, but I use up a fair bit of my time making lunches and dinners I would never have the time to make during the week otherwise!

We usually have syn free dinners now (easy when you've got the time to cook from scratch) so I'm probably in the kitchen for at least 2 hours a day (I try and make things like soup too, and other stuff in advance to put in the freezer!).

Work this time to your advantage - and try walking like has been suggested above as the better weather is coming in now!

Good luck!

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