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Starting Atkins tomorrow please help?!


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Hi all. I have been reading and trying to get up the courage to ask you all for a little help.

I did the Atkins a few years ago but really want to do it again to help me lose the extra weight i have. My problem is i am a very plain boring eater. I really only eat chicken, bacon,lettuce,ham,eggs, tuna, and lots of bread! :cry:
So although i like the basic Atkins foods i need to find ways to have them all without the Bread!!!

Please can you tell me a few ways to have breakfast and lunch without needing bread as a main source.

What would you have as a snack in between meals if you are hungry?

What sauces and drinks are allowed?

Any tips for a newbie would be great! :D
I need as much support as possible as i know this is going to be hard and i need to keep on track.:);)
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Hi May and welcome - no need for courage, we're all pretty nice - and struggling with the same issues as you :)

There are lots of lovely menu ideas on the Just Recipes, so have a good browse through that.

My standard brekkie is bacon and eggs, omelettes and the sausage muffins (recipe sticky)

Lunch is chicken/meat salad or tuna nicoise, something like that

Dinner - favs are meat or chicken curry, the cheeseburger pie (recipes sticky), home made meat balls

There really is a lot of variety, just try a few recipes out and see how you get on.

Re sauces - anything with butter as the base, add cheese and herbs; or mayo (I use it all the time - just mixed pesto and mayo together, added some water and poured it over my chicken salad for tomorrow yum)

Re drinks - your first choice is water, water and more water. Stay away from anything with citric acid in it, it seems to stall a lot of people. For tea and coffee, try cream or soya milk.

Re snacks - hard boiled eggs, sliced meats (watch the carb content, a lot have sugar in them), leftovers, pork scratchings.

Also have a good read through "What are we eating today?" sticky for ideas.

Hope this helps :)



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It's all doable and definitely not boring. Best to take a look at diaries - many of us start at the beginning so you get a full list of ideas with induction legal food!

Good luck;)


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Postscript - don't do the mayo and pesto thing, at least not on lettuce - bleuch!

Also you can use cream for sauces.
I've only just started too :)

I like chicken breast wrapped in Parma Ham, also I had a rump steak last night :)

If you google it, I'm sure you could find some no/low carb salad dressing recipes. Like Olive oil and lemon with Salt and pepper. I Believe you can have like 2-3 tablespoons of either lemon and Lime juice. (But if I'm wrong, PLEASE someone correct me!)

And saying that you could try Lemon and butter (not marg) and some herbs on some nice cod wrapped in tin foil with either a salad or asparagus or something.....hey I might try that myself now! lol


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I too, am a lover of bread. My favourites are toast, panini's, rolls.... *sigh*

However, do not despair! You can make flax bread, or oopsie rolls!

I LOVE oopsie rolls! Just google them if you want the receipe - I'd look for the thread with the receipe on, but I'm running out the door to work, sorry.

Good Luck :)

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