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Starting Attack in the morning.

Starting attack in the morning and planning my menu for the next 5 days.

I work away for 5 days a week before coming home for 5 days and I dont always have access to chill food when im away and dont have a lot of options when I am away.

Anyone got any suggestions of things I can take away? I can always find a chop to get some lean meats, I can maybe get a few eggs and boil them in a hotel kettle if im desperate.

For breakfast does anyone know if tesco ready to go porridge is ok? or shall i try and stick to something else?

any ideas or tips from someone who does this diet when not always at home would be brill :eek:
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Personally I think you will find it very difficult if you cannot access chilled food or make your own. You need to be eating oatbran which you can mix into your fat free yoghurt but these things need to be chilled. I would assume the Tesco's porridge to be a no, no as the only thing you are supposed to eat, carb wise, is the oat bran.

I struggled with being out for a day on this diet.


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I might help to try a 5 day pp/5 day pv pattern, so that you can eat salads, veg etc while you are away from home, instead of having to rely on protein.

You can measure out little 2tsp baggies of oatbran to take away with you, so that you can just open a yogurt and stir the right amount in with minimal fuss.

Tins of Tuna with a ring pull top are good emergency supplies.

When ever you pass an condiment counter in a coffee shop etc, slip a few sachets of splenda, salt, pepper, mustard etc into your handbag, so you can spice up plain chicken, tuna etc.

Do you have access to a car? There are cool boxes that plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

Good luck!


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Also - when eating out, pubs are often a better bet than restaurants, as they are more likely to have plain grilled chicken, steak, roast beef, omelette options.

If completely stuck in an emergency - think Atkins, and chose fat over carbs (so you could order a ploughmans and eat the cheese and pickles - but not the bread)
I'm air crew, so spend a lot of time at 35,000ft up in the air! its not so much being on the plane, its the being in hotels, In the past ive had to empty the mini bar and use it to chill all my stuff, then go and explain to the staff when I check out that my room bill isnt actually $200 as all the mini bar stuff is on the desk and not in the fridge lol

Im not going to let this put me off, I have access to shops in the terminal, M&S being one and I know if im desperate I can always turn to a packet of chicken or ham. I cant let my work lifestyle stop me doing this diet, its because of work I got to 14stone in the first place!


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Yes, it is harder when on the move, that's what did my sleNder form in as well! I found the galette impossible on the move so did blinis, but now find the microwaved bread travels well, and being able to vary its flavours helps. There're lots of posts about these in the recipe section here.
Good luck!


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When I'm at the hotel I have been hitting the local market each day for fresh food and then packing it. I also take a bunch of ziplock baggies with me so I can package up a rotisserie chicken in my room and not have it smelling like chicken when I get back. I also recommend the tins of tuna and turkey for emergency rations. When eating out on PV days I tend to go for the salad with either grilled chicken, shrimp, or grilled steak bits, no cheese, oil and vinegar or dressing on the side. I know most of the prepared dressings have too much sugar, so I do the dip your fork in then spear the salad routine, so by the end of the salad there is still most of the dressing left. On PP days I try to stay in my room for dinner and just go out after dinner if I have friends to socialize with and can just drink diet soda or coffee. My dukan muffins spoiled when they were left out - so try to keep them cool. I was still thinking of them as a regular bread product - OOPS :)
Hi there Crewboi83,

It can be done I fly as well and meet a guy a couple of weeks ago who had done Dukan diet and lost loads of weight and a female too.
Only down fall the smelly eggs in the galley.
Not a diet for me..I am starting CD in a month..too many social plans to start sooner....eating healthy and exercising at the moment.

Good luck...you can do it xx

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