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Attack Starting attack on Monday!!


Lurking on here for a while...had to get a holiday out of the way (on which i read the book) and am now ready to start dukan on monday.

My mum and i are doing it together. We took a trip to wellsbourne market today to do a big meat shop-they have great meat auctions there.. stocked up on beef/chicken so the freezer is quite full!!

Hoping to do a shop later and tomorrow for all those other bits we'll need-quark, muller lights, eggs, herbs and spices etc and of course oat bran.

Anything you think i might have forgotton about that you wish you'd thought of getting in for that first week???

Am going to be on attack for 5 days-mums on for 4.

I'll start a diary on monday when we start which i hope to update. To be honest cant wait to get on with it now!!

Thanks for all your help so far wise dukaneers!! xxx
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Hi idreamslim, I too am starting attack on Monday! like you I had a holiday to get out of the way first and stock up on essentials- steaks, mullers and of course the obligatory oat bran- had a look in Sainsburys and they didn't appear to stock it so going to try holland & barrett.

I look forward to reading your updates- Good luck.



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Welcome to you both, it's so lovely to see people who have waited for an opportune moment to start and get fully prepared beforehand. I'm sure you'll both have a brilliant start to dukan.

Sainsburys do stock oatbran - it's by mornflake and it comes in an orange cardboard tube near the porridge oats and such, though if it's a smaller branch they might not carry it. Larger tesco stores stock their own brand or try holland and barrett or other health food shops.
ive seen oatbran in tescos and also quark...ive a question: is this the kind of yoghurt that is unlimited on attack?

Yeo Valley Organic Fat Free Natural Yogurt 500G - Groceries - Tesco Groceries

Also would this be allowed-i think the book states natural yog so dont know if greek woudl be allowed?

Total Greek 0% Fat Yogurt 170G - Groceries - Tesco Groceries

Sorry about the ton of yog questions...in terms of flavoured..i understand fruit should be avoided if poss...vanilla and toffee are best: is this alright as well as muller light? Or any other fat free yog of those flavours?

Danone Activia Vanilla Fat Free Yogurt 4X125g - Groceries - Tesco Groceries

Also how have people found cooking with onions on attack? Should i remove them...i think they come under herbs/spices etc with shallots in the book but got confused about them in terms of using them on attack or just cruise PV days?

Looking forward to feedback, i dream slim, x


grammar police
The total 0% is the best yogurt i've found as well as being the thickest and creamiest. i'd steer clear of the danone - you want the protein to be higher than the carbs for your yogurt really, and with no added sugars - and the danone has added fructose (you'll become an expert at reading nutrition labels!)

The yeo valley one might be ok, but if you're looking at the total one, i'd stick to that if i were you.

It can be confusing looking for yogurt, as you're aiming for fat free, but you really need it to be sugar free too. Muller light vanilla and toffee and ww yogurts (non fruit) are accepted, but even those are higher in carbs than total. Many of us just buy the greek yogurt and then sweeten/flavour it ourselves - it gives you more control over the carbs you're consuming.


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The Weight Watchers toffee, vanilla and citrus-flavoured (not with bits of fruit in, though) yoghurts are fine, too.

The Muller Lights are very big so it's best to limit them to one or two maximum per day.

You can have onion in Attack, but use only a very small amount - think of it as a seasoning to give a little flavour.
Okay-probably wont bother with onion in attack then-ill stick to herbs and spices/tiny squeeze of lemon juice for seasoning until cruise...went with yeo valley from the label as it was on offer for £1 and also got muller light toffee and vanilla 6 pack on offer in tescos...found my oatbran in there which was good-bought 2 packs...gonna practise the galettes tonight and tomorrow, xx
Also found packaged ham that is less that 1% fat-the book says opt for 2-4% so hoping this will be ok as a standby! Its low salt too! Got smoked salmon trimmings, prawn and salmon. Have a beef joint to cook tomrrow-fat removed so that its ready for cold cuts monday and lots of chicken breast which im gonna skewer with spices and have with yog/mint dip...im excited!!!
I am starting attack today too. I have had my 1.5 tablespoons of oatbran made with water for breakfast.

I have a muller light vanillan and an egg for lunch. Probably have some cottage cheese for tea.
I think you should probably stick some meat in there...maybe chicken breast to go with your cottage cheese...sounds a little light on the protein-i could be wrong as only a newbie myself but from the research you could eat more!! see how you feel at dinner, xxx


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Lil Miss Sunshine - I wish you well, but with a BMI of 24, I think it's a shame to get on the low carb treadmill... just my opinion though!

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