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Starting attack phase tomorrow!

Hi all, im new to the forum and Dukan. I bought the book yesterday and am starting the attack phase tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it, I love meat and fish and the fact you can eat as much as you like seems too good to be true! To those of you who have lost weight on it already - did u eat loads, snack between meals? Did u find the diet hard to stick to? Im supposed to cruise up until new years eve, the not drinking over xmas and my birthday next month will be very hard but Im determined to do it! Hope to chat to some of you for extra support!

Jade x

(5"6, 14 stone, True Weight 10st 6lb)
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Hi Jade. Welcome and congratulations on making a start on Dukan!

I didn't snack in between meals when on Attack, but only because I was never hungry! I think that suddenly drinking far more water than I was previously used to filled me up a lot.

I was a bit apprehensive about starting and couldn't see how I could possibly bear to live for 4 days on only protein. But it was sooo much easier and nicer than I had anticipated, and the Attack stage was over in a flash!

Am sure you will find it the same, and will look forward to reading about your progress.
Hi Jade welcome to Dukan and the forum. I did 4 days of attack, the 3rd day was difficult but I just got on with it. Thank goodness I did. I love Dukan but it takes planning and you have to stick to it, if its not on the list then its a big fat NO you cant have it.

Look forward to reading your posts. :)
Thanks for the welcome guys :) Have u all been sticking to your 20 minute walk every day? Ive got a little boy and my partners working away at the mo so its gonna be hard for me to find the time to do it...I can do it with my son but we would be walking at a snails pace! Think I might use the stairs as a step machine and do that for 20 mins instead! im finding it hard to think of 'proper meals' I could make on PP days out of the allowed foods what sort of things do you guys have?
I try and adapt meals to Dukan style that we had before although I'm lucky my family will eat anything I give them - I bought a George Foreman worth every penny.

have a good look at the recipes thread that will give you some ideas :)


Just keep swimming...
Have a look at the recipe section Jade, you should get some inspiration from there. I didn't really make recipes as such when I was on attack, I just would have a bit of this and a bit of that (eggs, cooked chicken, a little smoked fish etc).

Oh forgot to say that I had a HUGE headache on about day 3 and think that is quite common. The following day I was fine though.

I do try to walk every day, but don't always manage it. But I am trying to be generally more active - parking the car further away from the shops, walking whenever I can, dancing like a loony round the kitchen with the radio on full blast...

And have restarted zumba, which I absolutely love.

Your idea of using the stairs sounds good - you will tone up really well doing that!
One more question (for now!) - where can I buy aspartame to make galettes with? I'm going shopping in the morning but won't even know what to be looking out for..


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For meals one of my stables was chicken marinated in yoghurt and curry or spices. Cooked in the oven or grill and then I made a dip out of mint sauce (Colemans garden is the only one I found that is Dukan friendly) yoghurt and gram masala. Miss it now!

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