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Starting Attack tomorrow!

Looking forward to it! Hello everyone I am Sky and tomorrow I start the Attack phase!
I still need to buy some scales but I will tomorrow morning. Got a few bits and pieces in to make myself scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for brekkie.
Expect lots of questions from me as i have only half-read the book so far! :D
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Not very good at this!
Thank you for your lovely replies! Can I ask did you notice any tiredness etc doing the Attack. Will I go into Ketosis as such? Sorry if thats a silly question!
I didn't notice extra tiredness because I am always tired anyway because I don't sleep. With the ketosis I kind of felt a bit lightheaded at first and a bit headachy.
welcome sky and good luck!

I get sudden bouts of energy, but mostly I'm as before, except I can do more as I'm carrying 40lbs less around with me :D
Thanks you guys! My parents came back from France this summer having done the Dukan diet there (my mum is French) and I could not believe the weight they had lost! My parents are usually the biggest carb-scoffing couch dwellers ever and if they can do it then ANYONE can! :D That said its wonderful to see the losses you lot have already done! Very encouraging!
Hi Sky. Welcome. Great news about your parents. What a lovely incentive.

I was slightly lightheaded and had a mild headache during my first week, but nothing to write home about. Just remember to eat enough.

Good luck hun.

Welcome to the board sky! :) Glad you found us x

As for attack, I found it left me tired earlier in the evening... best thing was early nights (also stopped late night snacking/cravings)

hth x


** Chief WITCH **
Welcome Sky !
I usually find I'm pretty EUPHORIC once in ketosis (usually by day three), and have LOADS more energy. The downside is that I don't sleep as well in ketosis, but I certainly get more done as my days lengthen!

Good luck and we've a thread for everyone to post what they're eating today...


** Chief WITCH **
Crikey, you're right Jaq... if those stats are correct Sky, I wouldn't advise your doing this sort of a diet.
:D Yes the stats are correct but believe me if you could see me you wouldn't want to be me! ;)
The weight I feel best at is 8.5 but I have knackered my metabolism over the years crash dieting so I want to begin a lifestyle where my weight is balanced but I also get to eat nice things. I carry my weight around my tum and thighs and look bulky at the moment. I can't fit into my clothes properly and my tummy (and backside) make me feel like hiding. I know some of you will think I don't need to lose any weight but we all have a weight we are happiest at and look good at and for my shape and body type I could do with offloading a stone. I wouldn't want to be any thinner than that. For about a year now I have been pretty much living off protein shakes during the day and a meal at night, interspersed with bingeing (I have a terrible sweet tooth and no 'thats enough' button!!) I find if I eat normally I bulk up like mad in the tummy and thigh region. So I need to get into a sensible pattern where my metabolic rate is re-set and I stay my desired weight.
:gen126:Thanks for being so understanding!
My other half often says I don't need to lose any weight but I inherited my dads bum, legs and tum (and his ears too! Thanks dad!) and I balloon in this area now if I put weight on :(
I think years of crash dieting ruined my metabolism so I need a lifestyle like I said or I binge like crazy then starve myself. I want to eat real food and still end up thin. :rolleyes:
I don't want to be any thinner than 8 and a half stone though or I end up looking dreadful!

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