ProPoints Starting back!


I'm starting back at WW tonight after months away & trying SW! I think I prefer WW as I can eat what I like as long as I pro-point it!

I believe I've got about 4stone to lose to reach my target of 10st 11lbs! I'm going on holiday this year (not booked yet) but I'm NOT going anywhere this size!

Looking for help & tips to get a bikini bod!! Hopefully I can return the favour if I can! Any recipes also greatly appreciated!

Wishing you all lots of luck.

N xxx
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I'm on my first week like you and also dabbled with SW but i agree i like being able to eat what i like and counting it.

Got weighed last week so will know Thursday if i have lost in my first week. I feel like i have so fingers crossed and good luck. x


Hiya Natalie,

Well, I was 14st 11lbs tonight! (Was 14st 9.5lbs at last SW weigh in about 4weeks ago so pretty pleased at that!)

My goal weight is 10st 11lbs so I've got exactly 4stone to lose!

Ready to get started! Good luck to you!

Nicola xxx