Starting Cambridge Tommorow Any Advice Welcome Please


i ., not sure if anyone rememebers me but i ,ve not been around for a while
hi i,m cuurently on lipotrim and have been since 28th may starting weight was 18st 13lb now at 12st 6lb
i,m getting really bored and fed up and someone sugessted cambrige diet
i have 2st 6lb to lose what can i be expected to lose each week etc and is there anyone else who has done the swtch from lipotrim to cambridge
help and advice would be gratefully recieved
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S: 18st3lb
Hi debbie,

Lovely to see you as always!

Having you done excellent on Lipotrim!!!

WOW! 18st 13lb now at 12st 6lb :D

Well done debbie that is absolutely fantastic result!!!

I have done Lipotrim and switched to Cambridge Diet and when I was sticking to my diet I did very well on Cambridge with the change was about the same as on Lipotrim about 9 to 10lbs. a month for me.

I really liked doing Lipotrim but like you now are feeling I got bored as it is very limited as regards variety. I did not find a difference in the taste of the milkshakes or soup: much of a muchness.

Though I would say a vast difference between a Lipotrim flapjack and a Cambridge peanut bar which is my favourite:D

I am sure one of the CDC's will be along and could fill you in better about the weight loss and give you some advice.

Once again delighted for you debbie you have done brill:D

Love Mini xxx


S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)

I remember you starting ,.............and to have gone on to loose 6 stone thats fantastic!

I have just restarted CD, I lost 3st3 back in april..stopped going and regained 2st!:( anyway going great guns now......and counting down to wedding at the end of march!

I think the weight loss will still be good on CD, and the initial loss I guess will vary if you have had a break from LT and have eaten food or if you are switching straight over. Anyway which way if you have come this far so the weight loss and end result will be fab!

I think from what I have heard there is loads more variety with CD compared to LT, the bars are a god send!

Do you have any before and after shots? would love to see them.

Well good luck the start of your CD journey.

Lou X


Carpe diem
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Hi mummydebbie - I remember you well! You['re the one who advised me to buy the Hinari Genie (fab piece of kit by the way).

12st 6lb is fantastic! I got down to 12st 7lb just before Christmas but 'had a break' and frankly went beserk eating everything and anything. Now I'm back up to 13st 13lb!!

I've decided to go down a more conventional route to do the last 4st and am joining Rosemary Conley on Thursday.

You'll love CD after the restricted flavours of Lipotrim - and the change might be just what you need to get kick-started again.

Good luck on this next phase of your journey :)


just had my first cambridge shake

well i,ve just had my first cd shake the choc mint wow what a difference
i cannot belive the difference
i reastarted lipotrim on the 3rd of jan after having xmas off but just change to cambridge from today !!
so i,m l luclike i,m i already in ketoies
i haven,t been on here properly for a long while really and missed so much
when,s the wedding noo noo
and debbie my genie is still going very strong and yes it is the best buy i have done for this diet and so worth the money for sure my weigh in day now is sundays
i can,t belive how lukie i am my cdc lives 300-400 yrd up the road from me and i never knew it so and she comes to me which is so much easier than dragging the kids with me to get lipotrim and then theres parking etc so better all round for me will now keep posting for sure
ps my spelling got no better though lol

my weigh


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G: 11st10lb
well done on the loss already Debbie - that's incredible! You must feel fantastic! CD flavours are great (I think) and I love the tomato soup at the moment.. you can make muffins out of the sweet mixes and crisps and mousse.. I can't recall the thread but am sure someone will post the link on here for you :D Best of luck losing this final bit, I'm certain that on CD your losses will still be fab and you'll reach your goal in no time :D


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
im glad u r liking the shakes. u will have lost the rest of ur weight in no time.

ive done lipotrim before and thought it was awful. i absolutely love the CD shakes and soups though. i also hated the lipotrim bars. i have never tasted anything more awful than those bars but the CD ones r so so nice. i have the peanut ones every other day ad they r gorgeous. oohh and the chilli soup is heaven. getting myself hungry here!

also, the mix-a-mousse is a life saver. if u use it with the shakes though, u need to use a hand blender or a normal blender. i learned the hard way a fork or a hand whisk wont work lol.

good luck with the rest of ur weight and enjoy!


S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Hi Debbie!

Good luck for your first day! I am sure if you have managed to shift so much weight on yukky packs then you will fly through on the cd packs and bars!

The wedding is 75 days!!! OMG its just flying past! but I know that last time on CD i had lost a good 2 1/2 stone by day 50 and if I managed to loose that amount again, or even just the 2st would be fine, then the dress will fit like a glove!

Went out and bought the rings and vics suit yesterday....things are really starting to happen!!:) ie the bank balance getting sicker!!LOL

anyway have a fab first least already being in Ketosis you wont have any horrible side you can enjoy CD from day one!

hugs Lou X


hi all again
well noo noo not long hey when i first got married it only cost me about 500-600 pound lol
that was now 26 years ago mind you!!
but my eldest son is getting married on august 25 (hence the reason im losing weight) so i can look good for him instead of being a big fat momma lol
and beilive me it costly now isnt it
ive only had one shake but how much tastier than lipotim and the lipotim bars how yukky like eating card board comes to mind only ever had the choc shake or sometime vanilla with coffee in it
so after bing on lipotim since may the 28 and having mainly them flav looking forward to new shakes /bars and soups etc
tc debbie


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S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
Hey Debbie - Its nice to hear from you.

I dont like the chicken and mushroom much either -although the further into CD i get the more i seem to like it!!

keep at it girl and you'll be slim in no time. welcome back. xx


Hi Mummydebbie

You have already had a fantastic achievement.

Good luck this time around.


Mrs Bean

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Hi mummy Debbie,

Well done on your weight loss so far! Such a fab result!

Good luck on CD



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Wow, when you see figures like yours it is so encouraging. Since starting back on CD after the Christmas break, all I keep thinking about is food and my new found love of mushrooms, and maybe going back on Slimming World will be a better for me.

But reading your post, is encouraging me to continue and I too will see results such as yours.

Thanks and good luck on your CD journey


omg just had the mix a moose choc its lovely i can,t belive i stuck to lipotim all this time i coould do this forever !!!
mind you i won,t knock lipotrim is change my life and i,m gratefull to it and if i did,nt do that i would,ve found cambridge to help me with the rest of the way it,ll make it so much easier with the different shakes soups and bars etc
thank you for the welcome back
everyones doing so well



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hello Debbie

I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering when we would hear from you. Well done on your fab weight loss on LT.

I changed over to CD in November and it is sheer heaven, isn't it? A Lipotrimmer would understand this.

I'm pampering myself into ketosis with CD this week by building down from 7 shakes a day, reducing one a day to the 3 I should have.

Getting into ketosis for the 4th time I decided was definitely going to be more of a gentle introduction this time, especially as I haven't been very well this week.

So, welcome to Minimins and I just know you will love CD. I'm not going to have any of those bars for a while. They are just tooooooo nice. Addictive. Moreish. Best left alone for me anyway for now. One stone to go for me Debbie. Good Luck on the rest of your weight loss journey.

Sorry about the question mark, it was meant to be a smile. I keep doing that.

Much love
Marylyn xxx


hello marylyn

hi marylyn
well you right on that i,m so glad i have changed to cambridge shakes are better is the weight loss the same !!
7shakes a day can you do that !!
i,m lucky i,m already in ketois as i only started yesterday but was on lipotrim so just went straight on cam
i like the peanut bar !! have,nt had anymore bars yet
my advisor is lovely so that,ll help me i suppose lipotrimwas my lifeline but i,m so glad i have found this one
i have another 2-3 stone to go yet my goal was 10st but don,t know if i,d like to be 9st see how i feel when i get to 10 eh
anyway tc
debbie :)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hello Debbie

I've been warned today in a post by Ivy that it may not be a good idea to have 7 shakes, because of the high vitamin and mineral content.

I might poison myself with vitamins.

So I'm going to have to do things another way. Like cut down by 100 cals a day, I had 822 cals in shakes today and I did feel hungry.

Tomorrow I'll have a boiled egg in place of a shake and a Ryvita I think that will equal about 137 cals.

I guess it is going to be hard when the calories reduce. You have fortunately transferred from the comfort zone of LT into CD which is great.

When I came off LT in November, I decided to have a break and just maintain. However, when I changed over to CD and did the 790 plan I carried on losing weight and lost another 4 lbs which brought me to 11stones.

I haven't been in ketosis for a couple of months, I put 5lb on a Christmas, but lost it in two days by sole-sourcing on Cambridge.

I think the weight loss will be just as successful on CD as it was on LT.

You may know I had this insulin resistance problem that made losing weight virtually impossible, but losing the 2 1/2 stone has rectified that now.

I do need to follow the 420 calorie plan unless I am doing a lot of exercise with 790. I haven't felt up to that lately, but with just the one stone to go now, I'm going to try to get back into ketosis for at least 4 weeks and then do the add a meal thing.

It's lovely to hear from you and the flavours of CD are just lovely. I haven't tried any of the soups yet, but am going to try the chilli soon.

Marylyn xxx


i,m sooooo pleased

well here i am on day 4 of the cambridge jumped on my scales this morning and i,m 7lbs down !!!
i don,t get an official weigh in til sunday but i,m please with the result this morning
just had a caramel bar yummy
marylyn you have already done so well and i,m sure you can do it again for sure