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Starting cd for first time tomorrow


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Don't be scared! Most Cambridge Consultants are lovely - if yours turns out not to be, swap her for another one! ;)

Cambridge is a great diet if you just make up your mind to get on with it and give it your very best shot!

:welcome2: to the madness, hun!


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Thanks lily, I've seen how much encouragement you all give each other so I'm going to keep a diary on here. Once I know my start weight I'll set my goals. :)
Hi Tano, as Lily said welcome to the madness of our ever so wonderful cd forum. A place to rant, rave and be joyous all at the same time. Good Luck with your journey :)
I'm on day 4 and have been fine so far. No headaches or tiredness. A few hunger pangs but the water intake helps with that. You'll be fine. It's all good and everyone on here is great. Read through some of the older posts to get a few real success stories. Good luck!!! :D

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Thankyou! I've been reading through them all day haha! Very motivational :)
Hi everyone,
I started the cd today. I'm on SS+, felt hungry and had a headache from about 2 o clock onwards. I haven't cheated yet so i'm happy with that but i have heard it does get easier from about day 4 onwards so hanging in there.

Keep it up. First three days are the worst. But you're over day 1 and that's the hardest of all. One day at a time. Good luck x

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Well I met my consultant and she is lovely! Got a mix of porridge, shakes and soups! Cannot believe how much I weigh, it's so gross I don't even want to post it but I know I must:
12 stone 2lbs, probably the heaviest I've ever been in my life! :(

Target 1: 11stone 5lbs to get me into an ok bmi

I'll set small targets as I go!

I'm 5"4" btw and I'm 31
Hello Tano

Thats not so bad...I am the same height and I currently weigh 13st 6. Not quite the heaviest I have ever been, but I lost all of it on CD 2 years ago when I went down to a nice weight of 9.5. I put it all back on of course, because I just went back to my old habbits of cake munching and sneaky biscuit snorting (a packet would just magically disapear from my hands when I was tired/emotional/stressed)

I am back to change my lifestyle now, so no doubt I will keep and eye on you. Good luck!

Its easy peasy once you get into it! You will see next week, just keep the water intake up and it will be all good!


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Well day one and I'm feeling VERY motivated! Just had my first batch of babyfood (porridge) wasn't bad at all! See if I'm saying that after a few days hahaha!! 2l bottle of water at the ready! I'm looking forward to slacking off the gym for a couple of weeks haha X


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I'm starting to get a rumbly belly!!! I've normally packed in a few treats/slices of toast by now! How long do people leave between meals on ss? I'm drinking loads of water too


Must do it this time
Hey tano and :welcome: to minis.

The first 3-4 days on cd are some of the hardest so just hang on in there.Once you get into ketosis the hunger pangs should go.Its a fantastic diet once its stuck to.

Good luck with cd and il look forward to reading about your progress.

By the way it doesnt matter how long you leave between the packs that you have ,its each to there own really.Just make sure you have all the packs,in the day.
Hey Tano ^_^

Good luck over the next few days! As the others have said, if you can do the first three then it's plain sailing for there :)

I'm on day 4 and personally I've left it as long as possible between meals so that I know I have a back-up - If I had them when I first fancy them, I'd have them all drank by like lunch time and I know I'd then go off the rails later in the evening, so I find delaying them as long as possible makes the evening easier to cope with.

In a few days once Ketosis kicks in we won't even want them I imagine and won't be fussed when we have the, but certainly for the first three days I have found holding out as long possible (by downing water like a fish) has helped :)

Keep us updated!

- Joe


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Thanks for responses and support! I'm bloody starving right now! Had mushroom soup at about 12:30, was quite nice! Having a black coffee now hoping the rumbling stops!!! I'm trying to hold out until about 7:30/8pm until I have my shake!! Black coffee is gross btw! X

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