Starting CD tomorrow. Nervous & need friends!

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  1. Genie13

    Genie13 Member

    Hello everyone :)

    I am brand new to this site and having read lots of posts on here I decided to sign up and start my own blog to assist me with my journey and hopefully make some friends to give me advice.

    I am starting CD tomorrow. I am meeting my CDC today for the first time and I am so nervous!!

    I am 5 ft 10 and currently weigh 14 stone 3. I emailed my CDC yesterday who suggests I start on stage 2. I'm cool with that but want to know will my results still be good?! Will I go into ketosis? And if so, are the headaches as bad as I read?!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you
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  3. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Welcome and good luck! I was on step 2 for most of my Cambridge time and I'm working my way up the steps now. If you do step 2 you might go into ketosis. You have to choose the foods for your meals though. So the no carb foods like chicken rather than chick peas for your protein will put you into ketosis.

    The head aches are bad but drink plenty of water and take a painkiller if you need to. Especially if you have to work. Just know that once you are through that but you don't have to feel rubbish like that again. It's the best way to make sure you don't cheat. The idea of having to go through the headaches etc (I call it the low carb flu) again stopped me cheating!
  4. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Welcome along hun! We're a friendly bunch!

    What is your BMI? Why stage 2? Ketosis takes 100% 3 days - 5 days, you really need to be 100% though hun. Its painful but worth it :)
  5. Genie13

    Genie13 Member

    My bmi is 27.7.... I wish to loose around 3 stone. I have always said that the mirror is more important than the scales so over all, I just want to "look" slimmer. I hope this diet works!

    In my job, we don't really have a specific break time so in a way I believe that will help. Although I go back to work on Friday and I have 4 early shifts to do and as easy as they are, on the early shifts, the whole team meets up for breakfast in the canteen!! I might have to go away and be busy somewhere because I fear the first few days of this diet are the hardest.

    Meeting my CDC in just over an hour, excited :)
  6. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    welcome and good luck.x
  7. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Welcome Genie, good luck and make sure you let us know how you're getting on.
    This sites a God send for the support. Go check out some of the inspirational photos, they're amazing.

    Anne xx
  8. Genie13

    Genie13 Member

    Hey all

    First day going good. I'm very excited about this journey .

    Had my shake this morning, and on my water ?

    Got a dull pressure headache between the eyes on my eyebrows though and my eyes feel sleepy! I feared this would happen as headaches get me big time. Although i am a self confessed sugar, carbs and caffine addict so I know withdrawals are painful.

    I felt really sick and light headed for about 5 minutes randomly earlier but kept telling myself after a few days this will go and it went away.

    How is everyone??
  9. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    stick with it , it only last 2-3days, think of your first weigh in and how good that will feel.xx
  10. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    You sound really positive and that's a really good mindset, this diet is much more mental than physical so you're halfway there.
    Just keep reminding yourself why you're doing this.
    You're doing great, keep going!

    Anne xx
  11. We're a friendly bunch![​IMG]
  12. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    How's everyone getting on??

    Anne xx
  13. Genie13

    Genie13 Member

    Hi there :)

    I had my 2nd weigh in today and lost another 2 pounds.

    I'm very happy with that, especially as it has only been 5 days since my last weigh in, and it's my TOTM. Plus I lost 9 pounds on the first week so that's 11 pounds in 12 days! Yay

    My CD consultant goes away for 2 weeks so I've got 2.5 weeks to smash more weight off and make her proud when she next sees me lol

  14. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Blimey, that's brill. Keep it up, you've done the hard bit by getting past the first 10days.
    Well done.

    Anne xx
  15. mdhg

    mdhg Member

    Hi Genie hows it going? Im new to this too just had my second weigh in yesterday and lost 6lbs on sole source plus so well done for losing that much on stage 2. Was about your starting weight at 14st 2. How did you find the headaches? Mine were awful but they are pretty much gone now I'm in full ketosis although I still get really lightheaded if I stand up too quickly. Have you been experiencing this?
  16. Genie13

    Genie13 Member

    Hi there!
    My starting weight was 13.13 ... I now weigh 13.2.

    I can't say my headaches were awful, I did however experience terrible nausea. That's passed now and I have odd days where I'm hungry but just drink more water. My daily intake of water is between 2.25L and 3L.

    Is it your first time on CD and how much do you want to lose?
  17. mdhg

    mdhg Member

    Thats a great loss! Yeah water definitely help the hunger.

    Yep first time on CD ive done WW before which wad easier but I want losr 4 stone and it just takes so long on WW. How about you what you looking to lose? Are you a first timer aswell?
  18. 10June2014

    10June2014 Full Member


    We are the same height Genie and almost the same start weight!

    I started a month before you and also on Step 2, and have stuck with it 100% (apart from a 3 day holiday). I too was prepared for headaches and unpleasantness at the beginning, bought headache pills in preparation etc, but didn't take a single one, I didn't get any thankfully. Bought Ketostix to see when in ketosis, which happened on Day 4. I am into week 6 now and a BMI of 25 is now less than 3lb away. Ditched the size 16's and now just comfy in size 14's, don't think I'll ever get into size 12's though, that's quite small for our height. I've put my target as 11stone 6lb, but that is more as a buffer zone for a long all-inclusive holiday I have at the end of the year, but really I think 12 stone looks a lovely size for a 5'10", but we're all different. I'd say I've lost an average of 3 1/2 lb weekly on this step.

    How are you getting on now?
  19. Genie13

    Genie13 Member

    Hey there :)

    Glad to hear you're enjoying this journey :)

    I agree, with being tall I don't want to look skinny, I just want to look "toned and full" if that makes sense. I think the word im looking for is, to look 'fit'...!

    My main problem is my hips. Omg they are so fatty they poke out from my body and looks like I'm wearing a rubber ring :( I can feel my hip bones and they are quite prominent so I know I've got a nice curvy shape underneath but shifting that flab is so hard, and of course it gives my stomach a bulge too because of the area it's in. Damn!

    My upper body is small. My collar bone sticks out and my bust area is small too, it's all lower body fat. Can't wait to look in the mirror and have a flat stomach :)

    I lost 9 pounds in my first week and 2 pounds in my second week (it was TOTM).....

  20. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Im not sure as women we are ever happy with our

    great losses hun, keep it up it willall be worth it in the end.xx
  21. mdhg

    mdhg Member

    Very true! Keep going ladies!

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