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Hi all,
I lost 8 and a half stone on Weight Watchers Points / Discover and managed to maintain my loss for 2 years and then I got complacent, became a weight watcher leader, stopped going to meetings to get weighed and managed to put 6 and a half stone back on :-( I'm so gutted!
I then tried Propoints and not only did it not work for me, but it also messed up my approach to the plan and so I gave up, I then tried Slimming World, lost a stone and then couldn't really fit the plan easily into my lifestyle. I then tried Propoints 5 more times and was not successful whatsoever. I felt that the plan went against everything Weight Watchers had ever taught us.
So now, being as depressed i am about my weight, I have decided to go back to the Discover Plan / Points. I am really hoping I will be as successful this time as I was the last.
Does everyone feel the same way as I feel? xxx
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Hi Davey,
There is a small group if 'old point' devotees on here, who have given up with the new plan and returned to what we know best. I'm sure you'll be very welcome to join us.


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Hey, I havent tried propoints so i cant really comment! Alls i know is discover has helped me lose over 60lb since march! And if you've done it once you can definatly do it again! 8 and a half stone is amazing and just try and remember how good you felt! You can do it :) x x x


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Hi guys, I started old system, officially restarted after Xmas period yesterday. My weigh in day is Tuesday. So we can all support each other... Good luck and keep smiling xx


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I too have just restarted my discover plan. I lost 5 stone before and then they introduced pro point and let's just say disaster darling.
So I started back Monday and have been good to date.

I posted on here and someone guided me to a thread SUMMER CHALLENGE 2012. There are a few of us on there and treating like a little meeting as they don't accommodate us discover planners at ww meetings anymore.
Come and join us as we're all in the same boat and are hoping to move forward.

See you there


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if any of you guys are on facebook there is a facebook group called VP R US for vintage pointers / those of us on the old discover plan !



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Hi Davey

Firstly big well done on getting back on the wagon, best decision you will have made all year.

Do not beat yourself up over it you have lost all that weight once and you Are certainly going to do it again.Just rememeber the feeling of achievement when you had reached your goal... your going to feel exactly like that. Its really frustrating putting on weight you have worked so hard to get rid of, trust me i know... been there done that, but once you see that scale going down and down youll get that buzz back and you'll be feeling back to yourself in no time.. Im also happy there is going to big a wee section of us doing the old style points, support is everything :) best of luck. were all here.


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Niamhs said:
if any of you guys are on facebook there is a facebook group called VP R US for vintage pointers / those of us on the old discover plan !



Just searched for the Facebook group but can't find it? :( can you help?!

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