Starting for 2nd time - but properly

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by JodyP, 10 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. JodyP

    JodyP Full Member

    Starting TS tomorrow morning - second time though when I originally done it in 2012 I didn't do it properly and gave up too easy. But having getting into a rut with myself over last few month and not even sticking to my usual exercise - I've decided only I can change. So decided to go to local Boots to weigh myself and this will be my weekly weigh in spot - gutted by the weight but it's the start and starting in right mind set this time.
    I've a few social events coming up (including Friday and Sunday) but going to stick to water - diet will benefit purse too!!
    What do people drink when in need of something a bit more than water?
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  3. JodyP

    JodyP Full Member

    Thanks supernova!! Came to bed early tonight so in right mind frame for morning. Probably felt as big as I do now (probably due to the fact I've just taken all my measurements to track that way too) but determined.

    good luck for tomorrow - and the hard days following!!
  4. smidge87

    smidge87 Rubenesque

    Good luck Jody, you can do it :)
  5. heatwave74

    heatwave74 Full Member

    Welcome back Jody, just think however much those measurements are they will but only go down. Good luck on your journey!
  6. JodyP

    JodyP Full Member

    Thanks 'heatwave'...currently drinking a coke zero for some variety!
    Congratulations on your amazing weight loss so far - I'd be absolutely chuffed to bits!
  7. JodyP

    JodyP Full Member

    Well woke up today hungry, feeling as tired as when I went to bed and run down....the joys of the start if this diet!! I've stopped exercising until I'm in the ketosis zone and I'm pleased cos not sure how much tireder I could be - but the starting of the metallic taste is coming so just need to get my head in right place today, early night and hopefully be 'there' tomorrow!!
  8. heatwave74

    heatwave74 Full Member

    Stick with it and ketosis and the joys of more energy and less hungry will be here soon
  9. JodyP

    JodyP Full Member

    Thanks heatwave!! I've got through today (at work) where there was a buffet brought in and I didn't have anything not want anything cos know how easy would throw me and I'd be starting again. Energy is still at rock bottom but little to no plans tonight purposely, probably started at worst time (TOTM) but if I can do the first week now, for me I should be able to do the rest a lot easier!
    how are you getting in heatwave?
  10. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Hi Jody here to join you for your journey, I'm on day four after a holiday and I think I'm in ketosis but that doesn't stop the cravings!

    Well done for dodging the buffet, that is impressive!

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