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Starting group tomorrow!

So after pondering for a week about whether or not to go it alone or join class. Ive decided after seeing my books are two years out of date that I will join class for a few weeks then go it alone.

The first class is tomorrow at 11am! Bit nervous about it all, as I dont know anyone in this town as ive only moved here for the summer to work.

I was just wondering as well, what would you recommend as a first food shopping list? I'm going shopping on Wednesday and I have limited freezer (practically nothing) and fridge space, tbh even the cupboards are pretty full =/

Ive already bought frylight and sweetener but that's about it! Im no good at planning a week ahead as I tend to cook what I fancy that day

What would be a basic shopping list to start off?
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I don't think it's really possible to answer that as we all like to eat different stuff. SW doesnt have any foods that are essential or any that are banned, its just a case of eating balancing your diet so you eat less of the 'naughty' stuff and more of the healthy stuff.

Personally I always have skimmed milk, WW bread, lots of fruit, salad and veggies, beans, lentils etc, a fair bit of Quorn and just a few chicken breasts but that's just me - I like my veggies, lentils, beans etc and on an average week I dont eat much meat - but other people might like their meat and not eat many lentils etc. There aren't any rules or templates Im afraid. Obviously it's not a great idea to have loads of crisps, cakes, chocolate in the cupboards but other than that the staple foods are the same as usual.

Let us know what sort of stuff you like to eat and we can show you how to eat it healthily. Good luck x :)


A determined Bear
Hi :)
I would say pasta, rice, noodles are always good cupboard staples.
In terms of fresh stuff, fruit and vegetables are important. Potatoes :) Also a pot of quark and fat free natural yoghurt for cooking to keep in the fridge.
Lean mince, chicken and bacon, and some sausages maybe? (I don't know if you're following EE?)
Tinned tomatoes, chickpeas and baked beans are always on my list :p
Check out some recipes on here for ideas about what you might want to buy specifically, but usually you'll find you can make a yummy meal out of anything you have lying around. Being a student, pasta baked beans and cheese springs to mind... ;)
I also buy some fat free yoghurts like activia or muller lights to snack on.
How does all of that sound?
Good luck :) x
PS Re: "Im no good at planning a week ahead as I tend to cook what I fancy that day" - tbh planning is a key to weight loss, for lots of us. You dont have to plan to the letter exactly what meal is for what day, but have a rough outline of things you might fancy eating that week and make sure you have the stuff in to make those meals as and when you want them - whether it's curry, meat and veg, stew, salad, BBQ or whatever. Not having what we need to hand is what leads to us stuffing our faces on what's readily and easily available which is usually junk. Always have some stuff around that's ready prepared that you can snack on when you feel the urge and always have stuff in that you can cook a healthy meal with when you want it. And get rid of any junk food in the house straight away. :)
Junk food has already been got rid of! unfortunately this just means i've already eaten it :sigh: but I wont buy any more from now on! :D

My meat is basically limited to chicken, ham, bacon and sausages as I don't really like anything else.
I think i'll be doing mainly green and EE as I can have lots of potatoes, pasta, and noodles. Even my salad is rather limited as i don't like tomatos, cucumber, eggs, onions, mushrooms etc :sigh:

I think this is the main reason I started to eat badly as I feel rather limited on healthy food as I don't like them =/

this time around im going to try some alternatives rather than just not having at all, like instead of tinned chopped tomatoes, im going to try having passata, as it wont have the lumps of tomato which is what I don't like.

I think i'll stock up on baked beans, pasta and noodles for def and grab a few salad bits and muller light yoghurts, hopefully i can fit some in the fridge!

I'll try and start planning my food in advance in future, maybe i'll try experimenting the first week with some different meals that are easy to cook and have ingredients that i'll have readily available at all times!

Thanks for all the replies!!

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