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starting in morning


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Good luck lovely, this site is brilliant welcome x
Deezer said:
Good luck hun!!! Come on here for your support!!! You CAN do this!!! xXXXXx
Thanks so much.. just got kids up and u would forget not to pick at there food. I had one piece of my sons ceral in my mouth and spat out! Thanks for the replies
I have been reading through posts on this site and seen that some ppl are drinking peppermint herbal tea. I asked at the pharmacy and they said only black tea or coffee no herbal tea. I would luv herbal tea.. is it okay? Any how I got weighed in on Tuesday 11stone 7lbs my start weight, I was 15 stone this time last year after having a baby so I am pleased with that. I am bridesmaid for my best mates wedding on the 28th December and so that is my main motivation. My friends don't have kids and have joined gyms with personal trainers to get them toned, they don't need to lose much as both are at healthy bmi. I work full time 5 days a week and I've two kids aged 3 and 1. My husband has his own business so he works late some evenings and Saturdays. So that leaves me very little time for myself. I've had so many ppl give me bad comments about this diet that I've decided to keep it from them. Just my hubby n best mate know. What times do you all take ur shakes I'm up most mornings at 6.30 so was going to try do it first one at 7am next one at 12.30 and last one at 6pm. I had my first one this morning and felt like I've eaten a 3 course meal after it. Felt it was a bit thick how much water are Ye all using. Sorry for millions of questions. Was going to ask does anyone who is on this smoke. I went back on cigs a few weeks ago and I so want to give them up again but said I don't want to be giving up everything all at once. Any way day 1 here I go my stats are 11stone 7lbs body fat % 35.3 h2o 47.2 and f7 32.7. As per my technical home scales. I measure 41 inches around my tummy. So here is to lipotrim mad adventure and let's hope we can keep it up. X x
I can't help with regards the smoking but... U can have any leaf tea!!! N fruit infusions or anything!! Peppermint, nettlen earl grey are all fine!!! Peppermint tea is great for your digestion!!! Use as much water as you want in your shake!!! It will just go towards your water consumption!!! X
I'm starting today too :) Good luck! (I think you can have Green Tea :))

As for smoking, I've never attempted to quit whilst on LT, but on Slimming World - I quit and gained a stone.
This time, I've actually started again, might sound stupid but it gives me something to do when I think of nibbling something.


Like a Renegade Master
I am a smoker and i don't think i could have given up food and cigs at the same time, but some people on here have. My plan is to get the weight down now, then in the new year stop the fags, but thats just me.


Determind dieter :D
When I went to the chemists for first lot of shakes the other day the pharmacist said the water in our shakes doesn't go towards our total intake during the day. Neither does the water we have in tea/coffee...water intake is just that water intake. << according to the pharmacist.

I make the shakes up with ice in them as well as I find they are more palatable that way :) ...I also follow them with a warm cuppa green tea :D

Good luck and hope your journey is a complete success :D x x x
I am a smoker and i don't think i could have given up food and cigs at the same time, but some people on here have. My plan is to get the weight down now, then in the new year stop the fags, but thats just me.

Hey missus well done more making the decision to stop- I personally think that's half the battle!!
Hi girls just woke and feeling really sick to my stomach, I've shakes and I'm sweating all over. Day 1 wasn't too bad but right now I feel like ****. I've a bad sore throat too think I smoked double of what I usually smoke cause I was trying to keep mind off food. Can u take neurofen or panadol on this diet.
Yeah, plain paracetamol are fine xx oh and the water you add to shakes doesn't count if you just make them up with the recommended amount, if you use extra water (I use about 400 mls) that extra counts , if that makes sense xx
i didint think you could take things that have like a coating (unfortunailty im on medication with this coating on it) but just take paracetamol, i found that was fine for my head achs the 1st few days. Good luck hun x

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