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Starting JUDD tomorrow

Hi all,

This is completely new to me. Always done WW or CD and I just need something completely different. I am feeling positive and will take it one day at a time. I like the sound of this diet so much.

Wish me luck guys.. been reading your postings and its really helped me.

Watch this space
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Wants to do this!
hello mum of one. Wish you well on this eating plan. It really is that simple because you only need the dieting willpower for one day at a time.
Hiya Channy

Been reading your diary! Very interesting. Its given me some good ideas for food on my DDays!! Starting on my DD tomorrow. Eeek! I have lots of low cal food in so hoping it will be a breeze as like you say, the next day its party day! haha

Well done on your loss btw

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Hi and:welcome: As channy says its only one day of lower calories and is easily done, as the next day you can eat what you like:D One tip is to drink all your water, 2-3 ltrs. It does fend off any hunger pains that you may have.
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Woo-hoo another juddder to the tribe! Welcome and good luck on your juddding journey! Keep us posted on how you're getting along, we can all do this!
HIYA all

Day 1 of judding going ok so far. I am shocked! I am hungry though. I went out and bought tons of really low cal stuff. Jelly, soups and heaps of veg and salad

I have about 300 cals today left and I am trying to eek it out!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

S: 13st12lb
Im on a DD too. I too have the same amount of calories to go and I'm sure a mini twister may make an apperance.
Seems like you have it sorted:D Not long until tomorrow
I am suprised at how much I have eaten with just little cals. Funny really. I am having 600 on my DD I shall see how I go this wk and may reduce to 500 next week but I am happy to start qt 600 on my DD.

I am having for tea quorn fillets with spinach and broccoli.

I cant get my head round this diet. Need to be well into a few days to absorb the lusciousness of an UD!!! HAHA
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Great going today! I'm on a dd too. It's weird how they are not at all as bad as we might've thought they'd be. Quite a lot you can have if you plan the day right. The past two dds I've had I haven't eaten anything until at least lunchtime and that seems better for me :)
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Hugs, just think of tomorrow. Have you git any green or herbal tea? That'll warm you up.
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Well done, I always think taking any plan one day at a time is the best way to go, but it's even easier with this plan to take it one day at a time! Have a good day tomorrow!
Well done hon, you'll get through it. I swear by peppermint tea on a down day (well, I swear automatically on a down day but you know what I mean).

They do get easier and the mantra always is... I can have it tomorrow!

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