Starting Lighterlife start-day


Well I have finally got to D-DAY YEAH :) Never thought it would get here.I have got my 1st weekly group meeting tonight.Im not keen on being in a room especially a small one with lots of people I get nervous......But I doubt Im alone with that so I think I have to picture that in my head.Id love to lose 3-4 stone in the 100 days of the FOUNDATION STAGE? I am going to Butlins on Dec 23rd so my 100 Days finish the day I get back from there :eek: .
I just want to be in nice clothes for Christmas as I cant remember the last time I did ?I think it was in 1992 :eek: .
So heres to my last day of eating I have a bit of a funny tummy today so I dont want to eat much anywayNERVES !!Roll on 6oclock..........wish me luck :cool:
Hi babe
Don't worrie we all fell nervous the first time,I am doing CD so got weighed on my own but was still nervous,excited .
You will be fine,have a good first meeting.
Tomorrow is day 1 the start of a life changing journey,
Good luck {{{HUGS}}}
Best of luck!!