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Starting Lipotrim in two weeks

Hi, my name is Faith and I am going to start Lipotrim on March 3rd. I am excited but so nervous as I feel so excited I don't want to be disappointed and to be honest I don't think I can do it!! Hope told me to log on here for some advice and encouragement. I have just checked out the slideshow - WOW!
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Hi Faith, welcome and good luck, you will do it its easy.


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Faith!! What do you mean you dont know if you can do it? You have got to have faith!!! :) You need to start with a postive mental attitute or you will never succeed. So start believing you can do it, and you can :) Good Luck
Hey Faith you know that you can do it!! you know you can! hey everyone Faith is my friend and one of my best!! She will do amazing as I keep telling her!! I cant wait for her to start!! we have been chatting about the forum all day!! and she is a fully fledged member!!!!!!

Hope xxxxxxx
Yeah Im doing good, may it continue, everyone does well on LT, they/we say the first few days are the hardest but I reckon then its easy peezy lemon sqeezy. Dont forget though I am a man so therefore much stronger mentally:D stick to it and if you feel down come on here their are lots of nice people with good advice.
Thanks Lizzie, thanks Hope - I am excited and will do it - but I suppose I have failed at all the other diets and I can't believe this one will work, but I have seen the results so am going to go for it and really do it. Hope is my inspiration - she looked so good today I nearly ate her lol
hi 'gotfaith'
you should have eaten faith there and then coz come march 3rd you won't be able to eat anything, lol!!
you'll do good on this diet - i felt the same as in oh another diet for me to do for a couple of weeks until i can't manage it for whatever reason - iv now been on it 11 weeks and am over 4 stone lighter - it's magic!!
i have had really tough times but managed to get through and you will too!
i was told by my chemist to get a cross-stitch kit for times when it was really hard and it worked for me, so maybe you could set yourself up with a hobby!
lipotrim is really quick, simple and with your friend and us all here you'll be where you wanna be in half the time you could dream!
best of luck,


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Hi Faith,i too am starting soon,going to see the doctors friday as i couldnt get in today so i should be starting soon.
How did you go about starting?Did you visit your doctor?I cant wait to start and wish it was sooner but hey all good things come to those who weight LOL

Tell us more about you?

Vicky xxx
Hi Vicky

Good luck on Friday. I am starting with a Pharmacist. I have found one near where I live so am ringing them today for an appointment. I thought I would start on 3rd March as I have a weekend conference before then and thought it would give me plenty of time to get my head around changing my life - it's a big decision isn't it? I have been very obese for a long time, I lost 8 stone through walking and cutting down in 2003 but it has all piled back on and I can't find the motivation to do it again. Nothing seems to work so I am hoping so much that everything I have read and heard will work for me at last. I so want to be thin.
Faith x
Faith, hello, welcome and CONGRATULATIONS for thinking about starting your weight loss journey. Please dont believe that you wont succeed, as Lizzi says, you must approach it with FAITH and believe in yourself. I think every single person woudl be lying on here if they too have not had the same thoughts as you before starting. I'll not lie, its BLOODY hard your first week and I even struggled for most of the 2nd week, but when you see how fast the weight comes off its such a great feeling, its even better when you have to throw out your cltohes that are too big! On here you will get 100% support, we dont judge each other and there is always someone willing to listen or offer advice. Now listen, you lost 8 stone before and you will again. Only this time it will be in a fraction of the time. Looking forward to getting to know you.
Hi Faith a big welcome!! Im with the others, of course you can do it girl! I thought the same thing too, you cant imagine going without food and you cant imagine youself as a slimmer healthier person! But hey your time will come. I'll remind you of this in a couple of weeks xxx


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Hi Faith, One more thing... it is a hard diet to do, but most people manage to stick to it because it isnt a complicated diet to follow. You just dont eat, you only drink!! Simple! Also the rules are clearly defined, if you eat you are cheating!! I think other diets are hard because you lie to yourself about portion size and treats and it makes you give up faster as you feel like a failure. As this diet has such fast losses, even if you do have a bad day where to eat, you know its worth restarting and keep on doing it :)

Sorry for rabbiting on:)
Thank you

Thank you all for your support, I feel pretty excited now. I have told a friend and she advised me not to do it without knowing anything about it, so I will ignore her and try not to tell any one else until they can see some weight loss. Shouldn't be long from what I hear! :) I think the one thing that is different is that it is total food replacement. No food! I will give food up like I gave up smoking rather than have to control it. I could have never cut down cigarettes I had to stop completely and I feel like that about food. I have stopped smoking for 2 and a half years now and have had 2 tryout ones and didn't want to smoke again so I have totally kicked that habit - now got to tackle the other one. Can't wait. So watch this space and thank you all so much for your encouragement.
Faith x
Not long to go now faith? You still as excited?
Very excited

I am still so excited. I picked up my shakes and soup yesterday and weighed, although am not starting till Monday. I am planning what to do with myself, I have increased my water, brought peppermint tea and a hand blender, I have warned every one - think I am ready!!!!!

Thanks for remembering.
F x
OOH your all set now! There will be no stopping you. Yous ound very prepared, so well done. It truly will change your life. I feel great and full of life. I love the feeling of geting thinner by the week! Its great. Look forward to hearing more from you on Monday. Keep logging on here.

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