starting lipotrim mon 30th June looking for a diet buddy please !

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by gottahavefaith, 24 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hi I'm starting on lipotrim next Monday, I have also just started taking levothyroxine for an underactive thyroid. I have tried other diets in the past and slimming world has worked for me, however I have put on weight recently from having the thyroid problem, and want something that works fairly quickly to give me the incentive to continue on a healthy diet/ way of life afterwards.
    If any one is starting on the lipotrim on Monday I would love a diet buddy to share journey with, and support one another !:p
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  3. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Hiya Gotta!

    Well I started on Monday so I'll be having my first weigh in the day you start, so maybe/hopefully my lb loss may keep you focused!

    My first week, day 1 was ok, can't say the shakes rocked my world, I just got strawberry & vanilla to start but I'm going to mix it up more next week! Day 2 I found I had food on my mind all day!!! But in guess the more you deprive yourself of something the more you crave it! Yesterday was day 3, all was ok until evening time when I had a rumbley tum, but I just keep sipping away at water. Day 3 I also introduced Peppermint tea into my life & I'm loving it! I leave it to brew for ages & add a sweetener. So today is day 4, no rumbling tum, no feeling hungry. 1st shake done water & peppermint tea. I'm hoping Ketosis is kicking in as I've not really thought about food much. The bad breath we all dread is here, yuk!
    My aim is to keep busy this weekend then it's weigh in day Monday....hopefully this will give me the boost to keep on going!

    Hope this helps, I'm being totally honest, I think the first week is hard & lead to believe it gets easier..... I'll keep you posted!
  4. Hi Leejay,
    Sounds like although the first week is so hard, you are doing really well ! Ill take any tips and support you can give, and I will try and do the same for you when i've started.
    I am really looking forward to starting L T , I need to break the bad eating habit, and get healthy. I have just been to the supermarket and bought some peppermint tea, so ill give that a whirl.
    re the bad breath, my niece did the l t some months ago and the pharmacist recommended NuPhar dual action, fresh breath strips, which are allowed on the diet. i've tried one and they are ok.
    Not long now to your 1st weigh in, im sure youll be pleased at you weight loss, it seems if your able to stick to the plan, the weight will come off.
    Well im just off out now to two birthday parties,hence the reason I am waiting till mon to start!
    Good luck , keep focused !
  5. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Full Member

    Hi Gotta, I'm starting tomorrow 29th. Would love a buddy to chat with about LT. I've been on I t before but only lasted 8days due to boredom! Great to start around the same time for moral support xx
  6. Hi Curlylocks,
    Great that you've decided to give lt another go.
    Did you get bored with the taste or not eating anything?
    How long last time till you got to ketosis ?
    I cant wait to start l t , ive had enough of struggling to tie my shoes, and my entire wardrobe not fitting me anymore ! I have gradually put on around 2 stones over the last 18 months, due to an underactive thyroid, which ive just had diagnosed, and started on medication .
    Did you use the one day at a time approach last time ? I think I may struggle with not chewing, as I tend to chew gum a lot :sigh:.
    I hope your first day is going well,
    chat soon :)
  7. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Hi ladies!

    Its deffo all about being in a positive of mind on this diet! I really thought this first weekend would be difficult, but too be honest it's not been that bad. My shakes routine has been later in the day then during a working day, which helped me. Food shopping with the hubby was a test of willpower, funny thing is I wasn't even that hungry just more the habit of knowing everything tastes so nice & missing that really....only a week but I'd give my right arm to taste some smoked bacon ....not swallow, just taste haha, but my weigh in tomorrow has kept me focused. Have you ladies decided what shakes your going to pick for your first week? I just went with strawberry & vanilla last week but think I may mix it up a bit this week with some soup, a few chocolate, looking forward to mixing then with peppermint tea, I may even try the dreaded flapjack, just to see what they are like!

    Good do luck with your first day tomorrow ladies! I'll let you know how my very first LT weigh in goes

  8. daisey123

    daisey123 Full Member

    The chocolate is my favourite. Try a bit of coffee in the chocolate and vanilla. It's delicious. X
  9. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Hi Gotta, Curly & Daisy :)

    How has your weekend been ladies? Are you all geared up for your start of your journey to slimsville? Have you been and collected your supplies, what options did you go with? Ive been more selective this week and even worked out a plan for what I have and when, make it feel more food like lol

    Well I had my first weigh in today. Id make a deal with myself that if I hadn't lost 6lbs or more then id look for an alternative that incorporated food. My pharmacist weighed me and gave me my results in kilos which I am useless with as Im old skool, but she was really encouraging and said id done amazing well, so without really know what I had lost I put my order in for the next lot. I googled the kilo she told me as soon as I stepped foot out of the chemist.....I then went back in to confirm what she had told me.... 8 kilos in one week, that 17lbs girlies, thats a stone and 3lbs IN A WEEK!! To say that I have been buzzing all day is an understatement :eek:)

    So I hope that will give you the determination to crack on through week 1. Just take it day by day, you body/mind will send you crazy messages and you will find yourself craving all sorts, but this does pass..... although id kill for a Chinese, but my loss this week is enough to give me the kick up the bum to carry on. Im under no illusion that next week will be as good as this, im aiming for 5lbs as ive read your second week in less, so if I hit that i'll be happy.

    Have a great week ladies & keep on shaking xx
  10. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Full Member

    Hi girls,
    Gotta, I gave up out of boredom and missing eating not because I was hungry or I'll. This diet is so psychological. Definitely take it one day at a time because it's harder to deal with the psychological aspect of not eating than hunger itself and in a weak moment a family member arrives and asks to go for dinner & if they don't know ur on it then bam.. Ur off the wagon. Anyway, not even gonna think about it. I've only started today... Same as you lol ;) how's ur first day going? I have to say, I love all the shakes... Soup included but have to have a couple of spoons of coffee in the's yum then :) hope all the rest of u girls are doing well. I need to lose 2 stone btw .
  11. Hi Leejay, wow that weightloss for week 1 is amazing, no wonder your over the moon, very well done !!! and yes given me inspiration for the following weeks/months :)
    I have been fine today, not too hungry really, but ive been busy working so not too much time to think about food.
    I have about 4 stone to loose, and im hoping to do it in two halves, the first half until the beginning of sept, then I have a holiday booked, then the next half from oct to xmas , so heres hoping I have the determination to succeed.
    good luck this week, shake it !!
  12. I have been fine today, not too hungry really, but ive been busy working so not too much time to think about food. I have tried the vanilla with a little coffee in it, and the chocolate I enjoyed both of those, I haven't tried the soup, so maybe ill get some of those to try next week.
    I have about 4 stone to loose, and im hoping to do it in two halves, the first half until the beginning of sept, then I have a holiday booked, then the next half from oct to xmas , so heres hoping I have the determination to succeed.
    good luck this week, shake it !!
  13. appyachel

    appyachel Full Member

    That is absolutely fantastic. I am on day 5 so fingers crossed Leejay
  14. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Hey, so glad you've had a good first day, keep up with the positive vibes! We booked our holiday on Saturday for mid October. I was planning on staying on LT till end of October, but I'll now stop a couple of weeks before & refeed, then, like yourself start again till maybe mid nov, just in time to refeed & then enjoy Christmas......hopefully a few stone lighter!

    ive just tried the soup tonight & pleasantly surprised!!! Heard horror stories about it, but I find it nice & I actually feel like I've had food lol!

    Good luck for the rest of the week, let me know how you're getting on

  15. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Thanks appy, im well chuffed! How have you found your first 5 days? Only 2 days to weight in for you ~ whoop!
  16. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Full Member

    Hi girls, well done! You're all doing amazing. Gotta, sorry, I forgot u asked about Ketosis- I was in Ketosis on the morning of day 3 and will be again please god.. A little hungry today-day 2. But coffee helps and work busy.. How's ur day 2 going? And the other girls? How's the hunger? My main problem is bad taste in mouth to be honest. Brush teeth& tongue time lol. Keep shaking ;)
  17. appyachel

    appyachel Full Member

    Fine can not get weighed till Thursday morning. Even went Blackpool on Sunday they all had fish and chips and doughnuts. If that wasn't a test how determined I am nothing is Leejay
    Can't wait for tomorrow weight loss hope it. big numbers come on Thursday morning week 1
    Last edited: 2 July 2014
  18. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Oh bells bells! We had a business meeting today where I new lunch was being served. I planned to nip out at lunch and then come back & say I'd grabbed a sandwich ( no one knows apart from my hubby that I'm on LT). Anyway lunchtime arrived & everyone decided to carry on with the presentation whilst having lunch.....which meant I couldn't leave! I did all sort of diversions, went the loo, then the kitchen to refill my water bottle hoping all the food would be gone....unfortunately not. I was left no option but to fill my plate! I made an excuse that I had a dicky tum & filled my plate with some salad, a chicken skewer & small amount of rice.....the whole Buffett was carb overload!! I felt like I had some food disorder as I pushed most of it around and nibbled on chicken! I was gutted as I know this will slip me out of ketosis & the next few days are going to be hard, just when the road was getting easier. To be honest, it not that that really bothers me, it the effect it will have on my body as it's probably clinging onto all those carbs ~ boo! Ah well, I'm not going to beat myself up about it, it was a situation I couldn't avoid, just need to get focused again! Lesson learnt, alway carry a spare soup in my bag, I probably could of blagged I just wanted soup if I had!!!

    Urrrrrgh! Tomorrow is another day, I'll let you know if/how it effects my next weigh in on Monday.

    Anyway.... Positive vibes, tell me, how have you ladies gotten through day 2, you doing ok?
  19. WobbleBottom

    WobbleBottom Full Member

    Hi, please can I join this thread? I'm starting Lipotrim tomorrow. Going on holiday in 38 days and have been trying to lose weight by various means since January. In all I've only been able to shift 7lbs which is nowhere near the 3.5st goal I had in mind! I lost 2st with Liportim a couple of years ago & am aiming to get as close as I can to 21lbs off before 9th Aug.

    Wishing you all a successful day on the shakes.

    TJ x
  20. appyachel

    appyachel Full Member

    You are doing fantastic we are only human leejay.
  21. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Hi all.. Can i join this thread. Looking for some LT buddies too. I started on 30th June, Monday so on Day 3. I'm full of water but hungry. Had to do food shop yesterday and today and finding it hard as have to cook for himself and kids. I keep putting my fingers in my mouth to lick off nice stuff or when i'm chopping something for baby i forget myself, put it in my mouth and spit it out.
    I dont like the shakes :( think its the powder smell/taste, but i'd like to be slim and as Kate Moss says, nothing tastes as good as being thin.. Bring it on :)

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