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Starting Lipotrim on Monday!!!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
hey hun, good luck getting started on LT. it costs £36 per week.

x x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks so much for the reply Jenny....Wow I was paying £65 a week for Lighterlife!!!
You've done so well....Good for you x
thanks hun. god thats a lot to pay every week.

best of luck getting to ur goal.

make sure u let us know how u get on

x x


Will be thin god dammit!!
I certainly will....only waiting til Monday cos its the Hubbys birthday at the weekend, I reckon I have about 7 stones to lose :(
Hi, how did you get on with the lighterlife, how much have you lost already?? I looked into lighterlife because i thought the sessions would be helpful especially when it came to maintaining...but couldn't justify the cost! I've had two attempts at LT lasting a total of 2 weeks then 3 weeks ...i'm annoyed with myself for over eating tho and now think i've put most of it back on again. I've got 2 days supply and going to start up again tomorrow, I have 5 and half stones to lose so it's good to hear that you are starting up too...we can encourage each other along! Good luck xx
good luck :) I am now in the middle of my 3rd week on Lipotrim and doing ok, I have lost 16 lb so far so pretty good :) I too have 7 stone to loose , it is so daunting but it soon shifts with this diet , i can already get into clothes I couldnt 2 weeks ago !!!!!!
I knew Lipotrim was the cheapest pf the total food replacemant diets , which I guess is why I choose it , i also like that you are monitored by a health professional rather than a 'counsellor' working for the company , who has their best interests at heart . £36 per week is fairly easily 'absorbed', we are saving more than that on our food bill, I was spending £15 a week on fizzy pop, and at least £30 on meals out etc so are saving loads !!!
Again good luck, once you are over the first 4 days its not too bad :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Lots of luck on your LT diet. You will do very well if you stick to it. I have loads to lose too but am now down over three stone and feel great. Just pop on this forum for advice and encouragement.


Otherwise known as Jools
Lots of luck I am sure that you will do really well. When I started I had 10st to lose - just about half of that has gone already since July :D :D :D. I want to lose one more before Xmas. My weight loss journey will then change to Weight Watchers to give my skin a chance to catch up but if WW does not suit I will be back on LT to finish off :D :D

Good luck


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks guys for all your encouragement.
I did Lighter life 18 months ago and lost 20lbs in 4 weeks but I really couldnt justify the £65 a week, the group therapy was poor to be honest, this site seems more supportive!
This site is amazing it helps throughout all the hard times and everyone on it celebrates your successes. I pay 65 euro a week for lipotrim which is very expensive compared to the price you guys pay in england but its still worth it i believe. Its totally changed my life and this forum is a huge reason why its worked so well.

Good luck on your journey. xxxx
I did LighterLife a long time ago before it was so ludicrously expensive, I really don't know how they justify making it that much...

I pay £36 a week. Best of luck with starting LT!! :)


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