Starting Lipotrim Thurs 06/11/08!!! Again...!


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Hi All!

Firstly, a big hi to all of you on your various diets! I've been checking this place out for about a week now and reading all the inspiring weight loss journeys of some of you, it's a hard business losing weight- i know, I'm a serial dieter! I must of tried every single diet known to man! I've wasted money, time and loads of energy on trying to lose weight. I've been successful at times, lost and put on 6 stones and at my highest i was 16 stone 9, my lowest has been 9 stone 12. At the moment i'm 13 stone 5 lbs.

In a nutshell...I feel like a fat frump! I'm not happy with my size and I need to do something about it- pronto! About 2 years ago I did the Howards Way diet (vlcd) and lost 3 stones in 10 weeks. Now, i'm ashamed to say i've put it all back on. I maintained for about a year and then went on a year long eating binge, if i don't act now it will get alot worse.

I've signed up with my pharmacist on the Lipotrim programme and i'm hoping to finally get these unwanted pounds off. I've tried to get back on the vlcd wagon so many times and failed, can't even get through the day let alone a week! I'm hoping to get lot's of support from you all because i'm at my wits end now. I know that these sort of diets work to get the weight off quick and this time i'll face maintenance head on but before that i really need to get started.

Tomorrow, i'm starting and i'm hoping to be at least half way by xmas. Why oh why can't i just get on with it??? If theres anyone out there who can identify with me, i'd love to hear from you. Also has anyone been successful 2nd or 3rd time around with lipotrim or any other diet because i know from others and from my own experience that it's bloody hard after the first time! Any advice would be well appreciated, thanks guys!
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Good Luck im starting for the first time on monday and tips you can offer me appreciated ! This is a great place for support though isnt it !


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Welcome Imaycock (interesting name by the way :giggle:) Tbh this is my second time trying lipotrim and the last time i couldnt get past lunchtime, but today im on day 2(big achievement for me) and im feeling great so far. Congrats on your previous weight loss.... remember how that felt??
Well i believe that feeling should carry you through your lipotrim journey :superwoman:

Good Luck, i will look forward to sharing posts with you.


really feel the same as you - and starting tomorrow! Good luck hun x

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Good Luck, Keep your mind on it and you should be fine, i start on friday :) so i will be posting on here for support and advice xx