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Starting Lipotrim!

I am just off to the chemist to buy my first week of lipotrim ready to start tomorrow! I am so excited but really nervous about doing a total food replacement programme and regaining all the weight again afterwards. Is anyone just starting out and having the same fears? Or can anyone who has been successful on this please put my mind at rest! I have got 33lbs to lose to reach my goal, I hope I can do it!
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Hi Emma-Jayne
Well done for deciding to go for it - I have only been on LT 1 week and I love it - I have done it before in the past and I realise now the mistakes I made so this time Im ready for it. The key for me is planning, I created a spreadsheet and marked down my weight loss plan - noted any weekend where I may run into dificulty, clear your calander from events which invloved food as much as you can and make losing weight a priority - with only 33lbs to lose that will come off in no time. Really plan ahead your refeed and stick with it as that is the hardest time as once you start eating again the temptation to go for junk food is high - or was for me anyway. Drinking water really helps, sparkling can help with hunger but shouldn't replace still water. I add a teaspoon of coffee into my chocolate shakes for variety and energy boost, you can also add it into vanilla too. Good luck and keep posting to let us know how you are doing xx Kaci
:welcome::welcome:Emma-Jayne & Kaci!
Good to have you guys on board. You'll find that this forum is a mine of info and support so you'll both do fab. I'm on Day 34 now which I have to pinch myself to believe! The days and pounds fly by and you'll be so re-tuned in your attitude towards food that you won't go jumping back into old habits. Best of luck & if you need any advice just ask xx
this is wishing you luck this is a great forum very supportive
Hi Emma-Jayne i am on day 2 of TFR!! i am working late tonight so am dreading the usual takeaway dramas that always occur. i will have a choco shake and may need to add some coffee to it to keep me awake. i dunno how i am going to do this but gonna give it a good shot. good luck and you should go for it when ur in the frame of mind.
Welcome to the forum ... and wish you good luck.
Take one day at a time, there will be good days and there WILL be bad days, just dont give in. Use this forum as often as you can. Dont cheat or add anything to the shakes. Drink the water you should and pee as often as you can. Then come on here and ceelebrate your wins as your weight drops off .. x
Hiya Emma-Jayne, good luck on the diet, its hard work but totally worth it :) get through first week and you will have cracked it x
hi keep at it,just had my first weight loss
Hi Emma-Jayne, I've got through my first day, I have had lots of apprehensions about starting this (ultimately becoming a bald haliotosis suffering thin person) however reading so many success stories on here has made me determined to give this my best shot! As others have suggested i've set up sheets so I can track my losses, reduction in bmi and will be recording all inches from anywhere I can get the tape measure round so I motivate myself and keep pushing until I get where I want to be. Good luck and let me know how you're finding it!
Wow! Thank you everyone so much for your lovely messages and suppport! I will definitely keep posting to let you all know how I am getting on. I'm getting really excited now! Size 8 here I come haha. Thank you for the sparkling water tip Kacci002. Day 34 is brilliant Shivie! I hope I can get to where you are. My sister is on Lipotrim also and has lost 11lbs in her first week! Hence why I ran to the chemist to get some ha. I'd love to hear how everyone is doing so keep in touch!


Back on the wagon!
I am back on the wagon (on New you as opposed to LT) but did LT before I had my baby lost 65 pounds and found this forum and the support for everyone so brilliant - honestly wouldnt have done it without all my pals doings the same diet (dieting can be lonely!!).....

Back on the wagon......
Good luck Emma-Jayne. I'm on day 5 and finding it ok so far. Still getting hunger pangs now and again but hoping this will soon ease off. Stay positive Hun, we can all do it :) xx


Love God; Love People
Hi Emma-Jayne, I'm restarting and can tell you it does work but you've got to be determined. Co-incidentally I lost 34lbs first time I did it.
(Ignore my ticker tracker as I am sending this from my phone and can't update it from here)
All the best, let us know how you're getting on and let's encourage one another.
Day 1 of 56 for me!
I am loving this site and all the forums already! Day one has gone well so far, I've had a vanilla, chocolate and now I'm just having a chicken soup. I was absolutely starving earlier! I don't think I have ever felt that hungry before, I sipped some green tea and carried on drinking my water and I got through! It can only get better right? Bea 65lbs is amazing, good luck again this time :) Trimlea how long did it take you to lose your 34lbs? I know everyone is different but wouldnt mind a rough idea of how long I should expect to be on this for! Thanks everyone for your kind support, we'll make it! xx
take it a day at a time ,i'm on day 8
well done so far
Hi, I started LT Monday so wiegh in on Monday, I have to say other than a hard first day and third day the rest of the days have been fine so good luck


Love God; Love People
Emma-Jayne said:
Trimlea how long did it take you to lose your 34lbs? I know everyone is different but wouldnt mind a rough idea of how long I should expect to be on this for! Thanks everyone for your kind support, we'll make it! xx
Hey Emma-Jayne, it took 11 weeks. It was 17kg so actually more like 37lbs (I'm so much more used to kg than lbs!).
You are probably on Day 6 now, like me. How are you getting on? All the best for your weigh in tomorrow. I will weigh in on Saturday as won't be able to get to the chemist tomorrow. Catch up soon! :)
Hey! Sorry I missed your post yesterday, it was a hectic day! Busy days are so much easier to get through than days off and weekends lol. It is day 7 today but as I started the programme on a saturday (tomorrow, ahhhh!) I will weigh myself every saturday! So will have the first weigh in results in less than 24 hours. I'm very excited. I hope I'm not disappointed. 11 weeks is not very long in the big scheme of things, and its in time to refeed before xmas! Woooo.

Let me know how you get on tomorrow and I will do the same!

Emma-Jayne you won't be disappointed that's for sure!! You're right about the busy days being easier to get through...I'm on my own this week in work and I just LIVE on this forum to keep me focussed!
They might need a MiniMins addiction counsellor on here soon :D
Have a great weekend!

x S

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