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Starting LL in Mch...

Hi all,
I am starting lighter life in March. Going to see the councellor today and have delayed start because I won a skiing holiday for a week on 11 Mch so didnt think it would be a good idea to start until I got back. Partly cos skiing is so physical & I wasnt sure how I'd do on 500 cals a day and also because the food looks delicious..and its free yummy food!!
Anyway...just wondered if anyone else is starting in Mch so we can support each other along the way. I'm under no illusion that its going to be tough but also feel that now is the time to go for it. I gave up smoking after 21 years in Jan and feel if I can do that....
A brief intro..am 37, 5ft nowt & weigh 15 stone. I hope to be the same or a bit less by the time I start & am trying not to eat everything in sight in the knowledge that I wont be able to eat at all! Also looking forward to the CBT & being amongst others who know how it feels to feel like this...!
Meanwhile researcing all I can and trying to get organised (ie clear the house of food!) and planning ahead. ANyone else out there starting in Mch? I'll be starting as close as I can past 17th...
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Hi Fish face,

Well done onm winning the holiday thats FAB!
Sorry already started myself but just wanted to wish you lots of luck!
If I were you I would try to cut down on cabs now and drink as much water as poss so it isnt so hard when you first start.
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Don't worry theres bound to be some others starting in March, and even if there isn't we will all support you anyway!

Holiday sounds great!

Best of luck, there are some other posts if you look around about the easiest way to start this sort of diet, the jist of them is to try and up your water intake and cut down on carbs in advance, this will mean the first days will be slightly easier on you.

The first week can be hard but after that you are on your way and it gets easier.

looking forward to hearing how you get on!

S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
There is an argument to just start now, however if you feel you will want to eat on your holiday it is much more difficult to start the diet again when you have eaten, so in my opinion its probably as well to wait.

Unless you feel you really could stick to it on your hols....

The best way to do these diets (as many of us have found out to our cost!) is to stick to it religeously from start to finish.



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Hi fishface,

Congratulations on winning a fabulous holiday!

Your right to wait until you have enjoyed yourself and then get down to your diet when you get back.

You will have plenty of company come March as there are newbies starting every day and some re-starting so you won't be on your own for sure.

You must be very fit to go skiing :D

Love Mini xxx
LOL!!! Fit...can barely walk up the stairs!! But hey whose to miss on opportunity like that just cos I'm a weeble!

Hi fishface,

Congratulations on winning a fabulous holiday!

Your right to wait until you have enjoyed yourself and then get down to your diet when you get back.

You will have plenty of company come March as there are newbies starting every day and some re-starting so you won't be on your own for sure.

You must be very fit to go skiing :D

Love Mini xxx


can do it this time!
hi ff
I love this site - it's fab for motivation and keeping me going.

Am nearly identical to you - 5ft 7.5, was 15 stone when I started, 2 years older than you and am going skiing at end March! Been on LL for 20 days and in 2 weeks I lost 15lbs which I am thrilled about. Week 3 weigh in tomorrow night so will keep you posted.

Really aiming to be much lighter and fitter than I was for my ski hol - a stone less already is great and I feel so much more energetic. Feel sorry for you that you can't start now as I know you'd lose at least a stone before ski hol, but don't worry. Well impressed you won a ski hol - where are you going to? Is there no other group near to you that you could join? If not just enjoy hol and psyche yourself up to LL on your return.

Don't know what I'll do on ski hol - will really try to stick to LL, as hol is during weeks 10 / 11, but going to Canada for 11 days so want to make most of hol. If I could do LL during day and then have a sensible meal at night I hope I won't put on too much weight. Will see how I feel - it's 6 weeks away now.

keep in touch through this site - and good luck!:D
Hi all! Went to the "intro" tonight which was "interesting". It felt a bit rushed to be honest and the woman who did it (a) only did LL so she could teach it & (B) Was quite defensive when I asked alot of questions..but I also acknowledge that I may have come accross as defensive but she really put my back up as appeared to just wantto get through her spiel and stick to script which was frustrating when you went to ask ?!!! I am just glad that she's not the councellor who has lost over 5 stone so I also think she'll understand...
Well done Sal on the results so far! You're alont taller than me as I'm 5ft nowt!! I had all but decided to start now until I got there and was told that unless someone drops out I couldnt!! After all that brain power!! Apparently I wont pass out (which was my main concern) even if I am skiing all day but will cut down on carbs & up my water intake. Also gves me time to clear the house of food and as suggested be ready to go for it 100%. Being rational I've been fat for years & another month wont kill me!! Also seems a shame to marr what is the holiday of a lifetime (Val D'isere by the way Sal) by eating nowt & being "odd". I won it via an internet competition by the way....
Looking forward to getting started & learing more meanwhile. Thanks for the welcome & encouragement by the way! Good to be amongst others who "know"!!


can do it this time!
hi ff
good to hear from you - really sorry I read your height wrong - I read it as 5ft 8!!! But no worries, you'll be fab on LL.
Hope you get a good counsellor - ours is fab and the class each weeks makes all the difference to me. I tried the Cambridge diet once before and although the woman was lovely there were no other people there to chat / discuss / share stories.

I know I'm only just about to finish week 3, but already thinking seriously about previous eating habits, so think the class discussions & CBT are great. Know that big test will be when we come off the packs - as in a way it's so much easier now when we know we're on packs / bars etc.

hang in there and have a fab skiing hol - I think my ski trousers will be looser too this year - ski hol at end March is major incentive now so I want to keep doing LL strictly until then if I can.

happy reading / commenting.:D
Skiing & LL

What an interesting thread!
I am hoping to start LL on Thursday if the group is large enough. I am on CD at the moment just to get into the swing of things.
Day 3 coincided with end of term and a Friday and boy was that difficult to get through. Still on my scales have lost 4 lbs already so very pleased.
I too am skiing but in April and one of the reasons I want to start losing weight now is so that I can enjoy the skiing better. Haven't really thought ahead about whether I'll be able to do LL whilst away. Are any of the shakes ready made like CD and SF?
I'm worried I won't like the flavours too.
Anyway great to see 2 skiiers on board!
hehe! I dont NORMALLY ski!! I went when I was 16 & loved it but just too expensive to go since so was hugely chuffed to win! Just have to pay for lessons, pass & ski's!
Well done Sal on getting to week 3 and starting to look at issues (the main attraction of LL for me). Saz let us know how you get on!
I'm mixed on looking forward to starting, being worried about how I will manage to just not eat and then sticking to it but just going to keep mysef busy & try not to think too much!! I told people in work today as going to need their support due to excessive availability of cakes etc!! Onwards &upwards girls! Also found the scrabble game here which is addictive!! (go to arcade games & on right colum its about 3rd n teh right!). Starting thinking about carbs today & cant believe how many I eat!! No wonder I'm so fat!!
Hi ff (ansd Sal and Saz), thought I'd drop in on this thread as I'm going skiing next Saturday. Just finished week 4 of LL and am intending to SS while away. I'll tell you if it works out! Hope you get to start soon - I remember being very impatient to start once I'd made the decision. Congrats on winning the holiday. Val d'Isère is a fantastic resort:D. We're going to Valloire this year in an attempt to avoid half term traffic jams. March is a great time to ski - usually good snow and sunshine. Good luck!
Thanks! I am not going to SS (hehe now I know what it means!!) while away after much advice - just be careful goomba (& possibly go to the thread I started - start now as various comments on whether to wait!). I am definately strating in March now and will reduce carbs, up water intake and prepare meanwhile!
How you all doing?
Hi fishface, yes I read the comments about SSing and skiing and to be honest I don't think it will be a problem (physically). I discussed this with my GP (who is also my husband!) and he reckons that the way I ski I'll be fine. Skiing is not as strenuous as some sports unless you do a lot of blacks/off piste. The way I do it involves sitting on a chair lift for 10 minutes then pootling down a slope with the kids, admiring the view and stopping for a little snack(not this year). However I must say that when you are learning it is a lot harder as you have to do a lot of side stepping up slopes etc - seem to remember that brings you out in a sweat. Also I am pretty fit - do lots of brisk walking with dog/swimming/pilates type exercise. Feel even fitter now I've shed some weight. Skiing does burn off lots of calories a)because it's cold b) you're using/building muscles but it's not the sort of exercise that makes me out of breath. I will see - it will be interesting to find out if I'm right. I can always eat some tuna if I start to feel faint! (or have an afternoon off in the jacuzzi!)

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