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Starting LL today -


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Hey Sam

Welcome to LL and welcome to Minimins!

Well done you on starting LLin December that is brilliant! You may find the December starters a lil quiet in December as many people will have the "i'll wait until after Christmas/New Year to get started" attitude so be proud of yourself that you have the get go to get started now!

You could start a new thread called December starters to see who else is about but what I would suggest doing is posting on any of the forum posts and have a nose about to see what you find useful. There is a November starters - you will be welcome in there.

Use Minimins to post everything - questions, for advice, support, information, a winge or moan if needed!

Good luck on your journey!

Kat xx


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
ps: you WILL achieve your goal by June if you be true to yourself and follow LL fully :)

Kat xx


Gotta Make A Change
Don't slip up and that goal
of 6 stone will be done in
next to no time :D don't lapse :) all the best bud


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Hi Sam,
I started CD yesterday and I also need to loose 6 stone . I have a big family wedding in May and want to have most of the weight off by then. Sometimes I think I am mad starting in December but 1st Jan won't be long coming around and we will be well into it by then.


Is back in the saddle!
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Welcome to the forum Sam and best of luck to you and your goal! 100% and it's yours.

What's the goal in June??
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Hi Sam - welcome to Minimins.:welcome:

Well done on your strong decision to start now - you will be a stone or more down before you know where you are and everyone else will be moaning about having to lose weight in the new year.:scale:

For the first few days take it easy, early bed, distract yourself with books or TV, the hunger will pass after about day 3/4 and then you will hit the wonderful state of ketosis - look out for the buzz.:D

Best of luck with your LL journey - use the boards here to ask anything there are loads of really lovely and helpful peeps around.:hug99:



Playing the Angel
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Welcome Sam

Very good luck to you, this can be the easiest journey of your life! I know it doesn't seem like it, but it is and the time flies by so quickly. 6 months ago I was nearly 6 stone heavier so the goal is easily achievable. As Kat and others have mentioned, use this board a lot, it really does get you through, everyone on here is fantastic and a great support. Also everyone has lots of tips and good advice.

Looking forward to chatting with you on your journey

Hi Sam ~ just want to say all the best for your LL journey.

I started in September and am almost 4 stones down. It really is a great diet. xx :)


I will do this!
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Hi Sam and welcome to the most amazing diet to change your life, if you want it and are commited enough. My advice would be, plenty of sleep in the first through days to get them over with (not everyone faces side effects) but I suffered quite badly. Once I hit day 5 and ketosis I haven't looked back and been abstaining for 13 weeks now and almost done 4 stone. Good luck, and this forum is great for support.
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WOW!! What a LOVELY response, thanks guys, some amazing and motivating words!

Finding it tough, if I am really honest had a little lapse last night and had some bread I was soooo hungry!! And was feeling so down about it this morning until I read all ur replies, and it just made me determined again!

Thank you guys! :)


going to do it!!!!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
good luck to you,you will soon be at your goal. i did ll 2 years ago and lost 4 stone but stupidly didnt do maintenence and put alot back on. im currently doing cd and althoughthese types of diet are really hard for the first few days if you can get past day 5 i reckon youll be fine x

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