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Starting LL tom!


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Hi All,

I am starting LL tomorrow, i lost 8 stones previously, stopped at 2 stones away from goal (due to falling ill) and have now put on 3.

So in other words, i am now 5 stones overweight and am feeling down and nervous, but am determined to do it once and for all and sort myself out mentally towards food, as well as phyiscally.
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Thanks Jez, im sooooooo nervous, but can't wait at the same time to lose it once and for all! good luck to u too and well done with ur weight loss. Will update u tom, need a buddy


...we're sinking deeper.
Good luck! If you can stick it out the second time around, and really have a go at sorting your food issues out, you WILL succeed... Though I won't lie - battling the 'return-to-abstinence' will be very difficult at first!
From personal experience, when I came 'off' the first time I felt as if I was plunged in the deep end all by myself. Even after the 12 week RTM. ...The second time, I came back to the diet to reach target (came off early due to feeling very ill), I now feel much more in control of myself and my relationship with food. I know what to do.

Take it one day at a time. Remember, small goals! You ARE successful. You CAN do this.

:) Welcome back.
HEllo doll!! SO good to see you again!!!

Things happen - and I am sorry you struggeled - I know how hard you worked before....but that just means you have the fight in you.
Climb back up on the horse and get back down to business, and you will rock it again!!

Its good to have you back.....I've missed you!!!!

good luck today!
daisy x


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Thank you all! really appreciate it, will update you all. just trying to get in to drinking the water again. i am a bit scared about the issues with water poisoning. Do you think it would be ok to drink 1/2 litre every hour, or not? also is 2.5 litre a day enough. does the water in the packs add towards the daily water allowance. sorry to ask, i forgot to ask my LLC yesterday. thanks for replying in advance :)


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Hi Slimseaa. good luck on restarting your journey, i am sure you will be successful.

As far as I am aware 2.5 is enough and the food packs do count to the allowance so would bring you to just under 3.5 litres a day. Don't forget to add in any tea or coffees you may also drink. also 1/2 a litre every hour will be find, just go at a pace you will find comfortable. I tend to drink 2 litres at work and 1-1.5 litres at home.


Is back in the saddle!
Hi Slimseaa, welcome back. I struggle with the water thing but managed 2.5 litres and the packs and coffee like it's going out of fashion!! The water problems start with huge amounts in a very short time. Think water wheel, little and often.

My LLC said on Sunday that she can see in the returners/refreshers those that look over their shoulder and see nothing and those that look and see where they went wrong. I'm looking at all the things where I went wrong last time and addressing them head on this time. I am NOT going to be a returner again. I hope you can do the same, it really is an eye opener!!
You won't poison yourself

Until last year it was 4 litres PLUS the shakes. It only became a problem for people who drank loads in one go.
Thnk waterwheel, keep your inntake consistent and it soon becomes habit, but then so does peeing for England! (or Scotland Jazzy!xx:wave_cry:
hehe Slims - you worried abuot water last time, didn;tyou? ;) :D You will be fine - just don;t have all 4 litres in a half hour. That is what water poisoning is all about. Spread throughout the day you could hardly drink too much.

Its so nice to have you back!! :)



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Until last year it was 4 litres PLUS the shakes. It only became a problem for people who drank loads in one go.
Thnk waterwheel, keep your inntake consistent and it soon becomes habit, but then so does peeing for England! (or Scotland Jazzy!xx:wave_cry:
Ha ha SB.There's few of us peeing for Scotland :p x


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Hey Jez, thanks for asking, its been such a tough week. I am going to get weighed tomorrow so will update you. I also do shift work, anything between min 8 hrs-max 17hrs. I have my 1st double shift next week since being on LL, which will be a challenge.

I don't have any packs at work, just drink water all day, then when i come home, i space then out and have them then. i am missing food and its really hard 2nd time round, but i am just taking it day by day.

hows it going with you? good luck
You can do this Slims....try not to focus on it being the second time - look at it as a brand new experience, that is going to definately get you to wher eyou want to be. :)

We're all here for you - and I KNOWyou can do this, and you so deserve feel as lovely as we know you are. :)



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Oh thanks BL, you kind support and words is what is keeping me going. Ok I will start doing that now..... to think that this is a Brand New Experience.

Thank you, will update you when i get weighed tomorrow xx

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