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starting mine from tomorow

hi all
i have just been to my pharmacy and have been accepted to start lipotrim.
starting it from tomorow as its nearly end of day and i only got 21 sachets while next tuesday, cant go to get weighed in on monday as am working that day.
one question i wanted to ask, is i know i have to drink about 3-4L of water a day, how many black tea or coffee can i consume in a day? how many sweetener tabs can i have in a cup?
how much do i expect to lose in a week? i want to lose about 4-5 stones in total, how long will this take for me? i know everyone is different but just wanted to have a rough idea about what to aim for as i want to set myself some mini goals.
am so excited about doing this as this is the last resort for me to lose weight after so many diets that never worked.
and i love this website here, its such a big motivation.
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Hi, it averages out about a stone a month for women, usually a bit more though.. I drink coffee and tea, loads of it during the day but stop at 5pm and hit the water, some nights I have a glass of carbonated water in a wine glass too as a treat lol... the first week you should have a big loss then after that between 3-5 lnb... good luck with your start, drink that water and itll be off in no time xxx
Welcome and good luck I'm on day 12 and finding it really easy, apart from yesterday just one of those days I think but feeling better today. I never thought I'd get trough the first two days alone 12 days at 100%, as everyone says keep drinking the water get some dulclax for the constipation and your away, you can do it!!!

I think everyone's different as you said, but, I work it out at about 4lbs a week. I lost 5 stone & it took me sixteen weeks, just as a guide :)

Good luck!!!

Hi, it took me 5 and a half months to lose 8 and a half stone...i only like vanilla and chocolate shakes and i add a spoonful of coffee and blend together then add ice and drink through a straw, tastes a bit like an iced latte or moccha :) you can have the tablet sweeteners and i sometimes add them to sparkling water so it sweetens it slightly, almost like lemonde :)

This forum was a huge help to me even though i did only join for the last few weeks of my journey but it is really good to be able to talk to people that can relate to what you are going through...

i think by july you can look forward to reaching your goal realistically if not you will be very close....good luck for your start tomorrow...

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