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Starting my food diary today!

I have been on the slimming world diet for a week and a half now & not lost any weight. Im goin to post my daily food intake! If anyone has any suggestions ect plz let me kno :)

So far today-green day

Missed breakfast ...... Went to the gym early.

Lunch: 2x bread B
Baked beans
Veg bacon
1x runny egg

Snack: grapes, plum
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Hey :) not yet now eatin dinner. So far since then iv had ...

Snack- 2 x baby bel lites (A choice)

Dinner- veg chicken pattie, seasoned roast potates, broccoli and chicken pasta side.

Im plannin on usin my other B and A choice later for a snacks and sum syns!
86alpzzyj said:
I've not done slimming world in a long long time, but on green days do you have to syn chicken if not having it as a healthy extra? x
Yes n u have to weigh it dep on how many syns u want to use. On a green day for every 28g of only chicken meat u have to count 2.5syns. For an average chicken breast its 7.5 syns. Remember to cut all fat off. If not u have to count more syns.Hope that helps u.

I normally try n avoid usin meat as a syn on a green day. I either dnt have it or use it as a B choice. Jus isnt worth the syns.... But if u love chicken go for it!

Have u tried the veg meats? They r free on green days
86alpzzyj said:
Sorry hun, i think i'm confusing you and me. I've put in bold and underlined what i meant if you're doing a green day, have you made sure you've synned these or used them as Hex's? Your post was about not losing weight and was just trying to see why it maybe :) x
Ohhh lol im sorry! Still gettin used to this thing. Ok the pattie is a vegetarian chicken pattie so i thought they were free??

And I actually didnt end up eatin the pasta side cus I realized it had sum chicken in.
86alpzzyj said:
lollll!! ok.. now we're getting there... ok its a vege chicken alternative.. i seee lmao.. that's all made me giggle.. ok then it all looks ok ;) xxx
Lol me too! Goshh I wonder how long its guna take me to figure this out. Im actually usin 6 syns for a glass of red wine.... And oh my goodness its a small glass. Lol 175ml of every 6syns lol
86alpzzyj said:
ooo i see.. I'd love to move to the USA, thats my long term plan anyway ;) lol.. how you finding life there? I'm visting Florida in June, counting down the days.. i'm not even exagerating when i say that ;) lol xx
Ye its ok! Very different. Im currently in Maryland. Theres always sooo much to do i love that. BUT theres also all the best foods n alcoholic drinks... Which isnt always gd
86alpzzyj said:
I know. The states has a lovely variety of food, i guess thats why i love it so much :)... so how much do you have to lose? I hope thats not too personal.. also when you weighed yourself did you wear the same clothes and do the weigh in at the same time as that all contributes to the scales :) xx
No ur fine! Im wantin to lose 15 pouns really... But id b hapoy with 10. Umm i normally weigh myself without anythin on at hm. The time does vary... Always mornin but not the exact same hour.

How long have u been on slimmingworld? Have u lost alot? Wen i was on it bk in the uk I lost 20pounds n have managed to keep it off. But i wana lose at least 10more. I have a cruise comin up in May/june time!!
86alpzzyj said:
I'm not on slimming world, have done it in the past though. Currently like you i want to lose 15lbs and am doing that calorie counting and marathon training, though i am thinking about rejoinging slimming world
Overall, following various diets i've lost 125lbs...
Cruise sounds exciting.. you must be looking forward to it x
Well done!! Thats great :)

Yes cruise is guna b fun.. As long as i can get into my bikini lol.

Ok final conclusion to todays food:

28g shreddies B choice
350ml Skimmed milk A choice

2 x choc digestive biscuits.

Total 15 syns ;)