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Discussion in 'Diet Chef' started by Diversity, 16 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Diversity

    Diversity Likes to lurk

    Hey guys!
    I haven't been posting here much lately but I've finally decided to get back on the wagon that I fell off so spectacularly a while ago. :rolleyes:
    I haven't really been dieting as such recently, I've been eating mostly whatever I want (within reason). Luckily I haven't put any weight on but I haven't lost much either so I'm looking to change that. :D

    My sister who I haven't seen for quite a long time (since before I started DC) is coming down for Christmas and I'd love to be able to say I've lost a total of three stone so far - I have 8lbs to lose before I can say that, so that's my Christmas goal. :)

    Anyway sorry for rambling on, I'm just excited to be back here. How are you all getting on? Looking forward to Christmas? :p
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  3. shep

    shep Silver Member

    Hello again and welsome back, I'm still here, still playing around with the diet and getting no where. But I am with you for trying to get back on the wagon, writing this week off as bad bad bad.

    Good luck to you and again WELCOME..;);)
  4. broxi

    broxi ButtErFly

    Hi I'm like Shep, still playing around with diet. Don't know what the problem is - it's the nicest diet I've ever been on and I don't get why I can't stick to it! My son lost 1stone there as he'd put that on when he stopped playing football. He looks gorgeous.
    Good luck Diversity, I'm going to try too but something's happened to my motivation!

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