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Starting Over

That's a cue for a song if I ever there was one.

Just to introduce myself. I have been a serial dieter for many many years and have now decided something really has to be done.
I am a mother of two boys, which in itself should keep me slim, but I am a self-confessed carb and choc junkie. :(
I am 36, 37 at the end of the year and I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I am so disgusted at myself, I won't let my husband see me. The light has to be off before I get ready for bed. It is turning in to somewhat of a nightmare. It's a sad day when your spare tyre is bigger than your chest. :rotflmao:
Anyway, I cannot do it on my own and really need support to get this sorted out.
Starlight is a very close and dear friend of mine and it was her that introduced me to this forum. If I can do half as well as she is doing I will be more than chuffed. She is an inspiration. We have been on so many diet journeys together, what's one more. Lol! Hope mine is as successful as hers right enough.
Anyhoo, that's me. Going to do my Tesco online tonight and stock up.
The start of a new month and a new me.
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Hi Debs,

Best of luck on your WW diet journey and I feel with Starlight has your friend and inspiration you can't go wrong, she has done so fabulously!!!

Love Mini xxx
Welcome at last missus. Its brilliant seeing you posting and so motivated. I know this is going to be the final diet ever for us both :)

As you know Minimins has been a huge part of whats made things work for me, yes you know that cos Ive told you a gazillion times since January :giggle:

Im sure the rest of the gang will be along shortly - theyre quite harmless really ;)

Heres to a great new start - we'll both be slim and even more gorgeous than we are just now ;) in no time

Welcome to Minimins! You are definitely in the right place for support - this forum is brilliant for that! Actually, this forum is brilliant for everything (a chat, to let of steam, advice, support...you name it, you'll get it here).

Good luck with your diet, looking forward to seeing how you get on.
Thankyou for your replies, ladies.
I am feeling motivated at the moment and hopefully I can keep it up.
Big WW shop tonight and then get started.
I have just been talked into doing the Moon Walk next year by one of my neighbours. She says that should give me some motivation. Have to be fit for that. A whole year away, so hopefully I should be super slim and fit by then. You up for it Starlight? :)
We will have the last laugh. Especially if we get our weekend we are hoping for. ;)
He could be doing with losing a few pounds himself. He just loves the WW dinners, 'specially my aubergine parmiagana. :D


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Hi DC welcome to the ww forum. I am sure what Starlight has told you is all untrue lol. We are lovely really. All of us are.

Good luck with you diet and keep us informed of how you get on. xx


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hiys debs, i can feel all the positive vibes coming right off you :D i wish you look on your 'diet' i do hate that word!! take care xxx


One Last Time.......
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Hey Debs

welcome to the gang!
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Thank you ladies for making me feel so welcome.
Well off to a bad start right away. At toddler group this morning with my 3yr old and had a couple of choc biscuits. Nightmare. Although I am hoping I have not totally blown it today. Will try to include them in my points or make up for it tomorrow.
I am so bad at dieting. No will power, that's my problem. On here typing to stop me from eating. How bad is that.
Off to get wee one from nursery, so that should kill another wee bit of time.
Anyhoo, fingers crossed for a decent loss this week. :eek:
Just wanted to say 'Hi' and 'welcome' really. I am sure you will be fine on WW and you get loads of supprt ond advice on here, so anything you need just give us a shout.

Oh and by the way about the biccies, can't you point them, they may not be as many as you think, thats the joy of WW you can eat what you want in moderation as long as you point it.

Good luck Hun

Love Busy XX
Counted my points up and included the biscuits and it was still within my limit. In fact I managed to save one point. Have managed to stay away from the biscuits and seem to be doing ok.
Using my WW cook book every day. Made spaghetti and meatballs from it last night and they were actually quite nice.
Need to claw back some points today as I was at our Toddler group'a AGM last night and one of the mum's brought up wine, cheese and biscuits and crisps. I did not have any wine, but have to confess to a few crisps and crackers.
Feeling confident right enough that i will have made it up by weigh in on Monday. :ashamed0005:


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Well it all sounds good - I'm impressed that you managed to resist the wine... That's one of my biggest weaknesses (and chocolate, and biscuits, and... oh you get the idea).

How's it going so far?

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