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Starting RTM today


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I'm starting RTM today - this is a bit earlier than I expected to as I'm still about 1 stone above my target weight-however I've been finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the 4 foodpacks a day and have been feeling really tired for the last two weeks. My attempts to increase the amount of exercise I do have resulted in my being so wiped out I had to spend a Friday evening in bed to recover. Also I have been having vivid dreams about breaking abstinence with large meals! So it's time to come off abstinence. My LLC said that I would know when it was time and she was right. I'm now looking forward to my first 'meal' since the middle of March.

On the positive side I have now lost 6 stone since the week before I started LL and am determined to follow through with RTM. I think portion size is going to be my first challenge - 4 oz of oily fish per serving? eek.
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Making it all add up
Welcome aboard Anders
hi there
good luck!
daisy x


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Thanks guys. I'm hoping to follow Sean's pattern of weight loss during RTM.

My weight loss was 'only' 2 lbs last week, 3 lbs the week before and between 4-5 lbs in the previous weeks so I appeared to be slowing down. I don't know whether the increase in calories on RTM might (paradoxically) increase my weight loss this week...


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Might be the case. Enjoy the 'new' taste experience.

I too have lost six stone, losses have slowed right down, exercise wipes me out and I dream about food the whole time. However, I am still over three stone from goal so will have to stick with abstinence for now. I may try a milk week though to see if this has the same paradoxical effect as you mention.

Good luck with RTM. x


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Had my first 'meal' since March last night - dry fried tuna steak - a bit bland without any dressing/sauce but still nice...

I may be brave and try tofu later in the week - haven't had much success with this in the past.
hi there
the trick with tofu is to get as much moisture out as possible - i put mine inbetween 2 clean tea-towels then stand a heavy pan on top.

then marinade in something for a few hours

when 'frying' i make sure its a bit crispy on the sides as i don't like it when it is too wobbly but thats personal taste i guess.

daisy x


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I'll give that a try - they didn't seem to have any in my local ASDA, but maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

Yesterday I had 105g tinned red salmon with a 2 oz dollop of cottage cheese. I'm still not that sure on portion sizes. Yesterday's total calories were around 575 - is this enough?

What is a reasonable portion size for green salad? - I get to eat that today! Have got some balsamic vinegar to use as a dressing
in tesco the tofu is near the quorn stuff...not sure about asda.

i had about 100g of protein per meal and cereal bowl of salad

not sure if that is right tho? i'm sure sean will advise
daisy x


Making it all add up
Rough guide is 100g of protein per meal, and Daisy's correct re salad/veg portions.

HOWEVER - after the first few days I found both a little too restrictive & averaged 120 - 150g protein, and didn't bother measuring veg (other than when carbs are introduced which I kept to very small portions as I know they are a problem for me).

Overall I'd advise to do what comes naturally, BUT listen to your body & leave food on the plate once you are full - that's the real trick :)


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Interesting. I decided that 100g grams was just a bit too small so have had on average ~ 130g.

So far its been ~ 100g fish and ~ 1 oz Cottage Cheese. I had my first salad last night, which I put in a soup bowl. When I sat down to eat it I thought "too much" and sure enough I left about a 1/3 of the salad. I think I'll use a smaller bowl next time.

Tonight I'm experimenting with Tofu - I have dry-fried 125g of Tofu and am marinading it in crushed garlic/chopped chili/soy sauce and will grill it.

Since Garlic and (fresh) Chili don't appear in the list of allowed vegetables in week one - I'm surprised they appear in the recipes in the week 1 RTM book. Not making a mistake am I?

Interestingly, I seem to be losing more weight this week than either of the previous weeks.....

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