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Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by jenmal, 2 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. jenmal

    jenmal Member

    And I can't wait! I stood on the scales tonight with my CDC and nearly passed out! I am 5ft7 and I weighed in at 15st 1lb :( I have set my target weight at 10 stone for the moment although it will probably change.

    Hopefully this time next week I will be a lot happier and weighing a little bit less. All the photos on here are so inspirational and just goes to show you if you are determined what can be achieved.

    Dreading the first few days till ketosis kicks in but I will get through it! Wish me luck :)

    Jen x
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  3. jenmal

    jenmal Member

    Just had the Choc Mint shake and have to say I am shocked at how nice it was! I thought it would be a struggle to drink it all but it was that nice it was gone in minutes :) If I'll still e feeling this way come dinner I don't know bit so far so good. Drinking lots of water too which I thought if struggle with. Feeling proper in the zone :)
  4. jenmal

    jenmal Member

    Day one over! Feeling so positive. Hope tommoro is a good day :)
  5. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Well-Known Member

    Sounds good hun, well done.x. Last time i did Cd i used to have the choc-mint shakes made into a hot drink it was nice mmmmm might have to try them again next week.lol. Keep up the great work.xxx Have a fab day.xx
  6. Jillybean5

    Jillybean5 New Member

    Hey Jenmal, hows it going? I've just started myself and thought Id see how you were doing!
  7. jenmal

    jenmal Member

    Just had my first weigh in tonight and I lost 8lbs. Feel a difference already. Much less bloated. So motivated now. How are you doing? X
  8. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Well-Known Member

    well done thats fantastic.xx
  9. Jillybean5

    Jillybean5 New Member

    Well done on 8lb loss.... I lost 8lb the first week too - yay!
  10. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Well-Known Member

    I lost 8 the first week too.lol sounds like a great number.xx
  11. *fraufrau*

    *fraufrau* Well-Known Member

    I have fallen off the wagon a bit lately and gained 5lb over two weeks. Still lost almost 2 stones though and hoping to be in the next stone bracket when I get weighed this Saturday. So far so good!! X

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