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Starting soon, a few questions!


I am starting Cambridge when I get back from my holidays in three weeks time. I have done it before but gave up for various reasons (this was in 2006).
  • How often to you weigh yourself? do you ever weigh yourself between "official" weigh in's?
  • I currently drink quite a lot of diet coke (down from about 6 litres a day to two small bottles but it is still bad!) am i better to try and stop this now, or go cold turkey whilst in my first week of SS?
  • with regards to exercise, I like walking and at the moment go out whilst my daughter is on her bike etc. should i just carry on with this or step it up a bit
  • I know I will have stretch marks/saggy skin but do you have any tips for what will help?
For information I am currently 19 stone (god I cannot believe I had admitted that) and I would like to be 11 stone. I suffer from Polyscistic Ovaries which means I cannot conceive and my hospital are not suuportive of helping me whilst I am this weight. I have finally come to the conclusion that I can no longer go on like this. I want a child more than anything else in the world (the daughter i mentioned is my step daughter who i love all the world and lives with us but is desperate for us to have a baby too!)

I have finally decided to do something positive instead of just making things worse. I love this site and have been lurking for ages, it feels like a weight has been lifted just making the decision to go for it.

Thanks for reading :eek:

Mrs T

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well done for taking the first step. i am a mother of two and i am also a nanny of a 11 month old so i can understand your need for a child of your own.
as far as the dirt go's i would try to get off the coke as although it is low cal it contains aspartame which is banned in many countrys and not good for you. water is you friend it is like a stream that your fat can exit your body on so drink drink drink.
good luck.


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The first step is always the hardest so well done on taking it.

We'll I've just had my week 5 WI & like you was nearly 19 stone - I have lost 2 stone so far. Another 7 1/2 to go before being near to goal.

I was also a pepsi max addict, drinking roughly 4 litres a day. I don't drink tea or coffee but I did drink water too - around 2 litres a day.
I went straight onto SSing & gave up pepsi full stop. I increased my water intake to between 4 & 5 litres a day & touch wood I've not had any withdrawal symptoms. I had the usual headache in the first couple of days but I've been ok since.

During the first couple of weeks I continued walking my dogs as normal (30 mins a day) but now have increased to 60 mins week days & 2 hours on weekends. I also do 30 - 45 mins on my Wii fit every other day.

Anyway - hope that helps a little :) & good luck with your weight loss journey.



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Hi there MrsT!

Well done on taking the first step towards the new you!

I'll have a go at answering your questions. :)

(1) Weighing yourself. It's up to you really. Whatever you think is going to motivate you best. If hand on heart, you're the sort of person who's going to get disheartened when the scales don't go down every day, then don't weigh in between CDC visits. On the other hand, it can be really motivational to watch the weight dropping off, especially in the first couple of weeks. I personally weigh every day and try hard to remind myself that if I've been doing the diet 100%, it doesn't matter whether the scales show that I have--because the weight will be coming off. Weight doesn't come off evenly as I'm sure you probably already know. There have definitely been times when the scales stayed the same for me for 3 days--and then I'd lose 4 pounds on the fourth day.

(2) Diet coke. Hmm. The official advice is of course, to give it up. The chances are you're going to be a bit headachey for the first couple of days anyway, so you might as well get the caffeine withdrawal out of the way anyway. But--and this is just my humble opinion--if you were to find yourself in a position where it was a choice between drinking a bottle of diet coke or being in danger of falling off the wagon, drink the Diet Coke! Incidentally, Coke Zero is better if you really have to indulge. Diet Coke contains citric acid which some people find interferes with ketosis.

(3) Exercise. I think I'd keep doing what you're doing for now. By and by you can step up how fast you're walking or how long you're walking for.

(4) Saggy skin/stretchmarks. Believe it or not, this may not even be an issue. I was close to eighteen stones when I started and haven't really had any problems with my skin springing back. Yes, I've got stretchmarks, but they came from pregnancy (badges of honour, LOL). I'm 39, by the way so it's not that I'm a young 'un :) (and been on more diets than you can shake a stick at. CD is the only one that's worked so well :)) Besides, even if you do end up with slightly saggy skin, I think that's still better then being overweight. Get the right underwear and no one can tell, LOL. Here's guessing your OH loves you no matter what you look like with your clothes off, anyway--and he's the only one who's ever going to see, right? :)

Enjoy your holiday! Looking forward to seeing you here again when you get back!


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Hello MrsT

I have recently started CD (I am on week 3)

I too was a fizzy coke addict. I now drink asda smart price sparkling water (17p) and add a level teaspoon of berry water flavouring to a 2 ltr bottle. You need to take about half a litre out, mix the flavouring with it in a jug, and slowly add it to the bottle as it will fizz everywhere. I manage to drink about 4 ltrs a day this way and I dont have fizzy withdrawals.

I know your not meant to have this till week 2 so I'm not sure what to do in week 1 and 2, I managed to struggle through with water.

p.s. Just mad 7 bottles of sparkling berry water, hubby thinks I should sell it, ha ha.
Hello Mrs T

just wanted to say welcome and wish you lots of luck for your journey. I think the coke thing depends on what you are like really. I do quite well going cold turkey, but others need to gradually do it. Maybe you could halve the coke intake and see how you go.

I think it can be quite destructive weighing in between official weigh ins but it's difficult not to! I would say, if you could avoid it, it's the best thing to do!

For the skin, I would say moisturising/firming cream, exercise and lots of water! It might not stop it completely, but you have to remember, saggy skin is still better than being fat (well in my opinion!).

Lots of luck and keep us posted x
Best of luck, I went from 18 stone 10 to 12 stone in the space of 16 weeks. I have done other diets in the past and this is by far the most effective. I joined a gym after 6 weeks of sole source and found this helped to tone up a fair bit, but I have still got a wobbly tum. Boobs, arms and legs are ok. Despite the rapid weight loss, I was surprised by how unsaggy I was. The coke thing is a toughie. I was a big wine drinker and simply could not go out and drink water all night. On the rare occasion I went to a pub I would have a diet coke, but would not make it part of my daily routine. It made no difference to me in terms of ketosis or weightloss, but I know others have struggled with hunger pangs. My advice would be to do it by the book for the first month (and trust me, you will get headaches regardless for the first few days, so you might as well knock the caffeine on the head from coke), and then if you are desperate when you are out have a little. Good luck with the diet, I cant recommend it enough. My husband lost 5 stone on it and my mum shifted 10 stone. I think it is great, just bear with it the first three days and you will be fine.
I am now back on sole source to get down to a healthy weight.


getting slimmer
well done and good luck!! x


A pound at a time
Everyone already answered all your questions but I wanted to say hello and welcome you aboard. Can't wait to see you posting about all your losses to come.
your questions have all been answered so good luck on your cd journey.xx

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