Starting SW with a little trepidation...


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Hello all! Newbie here!

I'm back from a holiday in Italy and I've gained weight on an already heavy frame so I've decided that I have to do something. I know a few of my friends and family are big into SW so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I can cope with avoiding sweets and crisps, but my downfall is an absolute horror of all things low or no fat. I'm big into cooking (this is possibly where the problem lies!) and I like proper cream, proper butter, proper olive oil. So I'm just wondering if there's many like me and do you get used to alternatives or do you just cut them right down and have much smaller portions?
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Hiya @lady_marmalade welcome to MiniMins!

I dont get used to alternatives, I enjoy the fuller fat. But you have to have it moderately. Have you tried keeping a food diary to see where too much might be coming in?


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Hi, @Pierce I haven't kept a food diary but I know where too much fat is getting in - every dinner I cook! But! I've made pork chops with wedgies and mushroom sauce with Quark and a tablespoon of single cream (between two of us). I have to say, it wasn't bad at all! There may be hope for me yet! :)